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241Please help!!!!! I'm asking everywhere!!!!!

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  • laurentkm2 <laurentkm2@yahoo.com>
    Jan 14, 2003
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      I hope that someone can help me out with my question.

      The quick background: I won a 1980 V8 Cadillac coupe deville on
      auction. Picked the car up drove it home fine.

      I live in Virginia and have to pass an emissions test. When I start
      the car up at first (after a few hours when it's been turned off), it
      sends out blue smoke (burning oil), but after 5 minutes there is no
      trace of smoke AT ALL. A mechanic told me that maybe a seal is bad
      and the oil seaps through overnight.

      The question/problem.

      I know if I start the car cold, there is no way I can pass emissions
      (I have already changed the oil). But if I drive it around the smoke
      eventually stops. Do you guys think I may be able to pass emissions
      even though there is no smoke once the car is heated up???

      Hope to hear from someone, because I would really like to keep this
      car. And if it passed, I want to fix the smoking problem also.

      Thanks so much!!!

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