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217Re: Cadillac Brougham - how much better is the 5.7?

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  • electrola.geo
    Nov 9, 2002
      It turns out I get to answer my own question, because I found a '92
      Brougham with a 5.7 liter FI engine today, and test-drove it. It was
      a somewhat junky one, but it really hauled! It had far better
      performance than either of my 5.0 liter carbureted ones. The
      speedometer didn't work, the power antenna was broken off below the
      surface, the radiator leaked, the rear shocks were gone (actually
      missing!) and a bunch of other minor things plus rust that's probably
      beyond the point of stopping. It wasn't a total wreck...I may go
      back for it as a beater vehicle for this winter.

      Jeff in Minneapolis

      --- In cadillacclub@y..., "electrola.geo" <electrola@a...> wrote:
      >I don't like some of the later
      > styling that showed up on the early 1990s models, but Cadillac did
      > offer them with a choice of 5.0 and 5.7 liter fuel-injected
      > I've never driven one of these. Is there a significant
      > How much better do these cars perform? I'm thinking about buying a
      > cheap one to try it out. There are plenty of these around here in
      > Minnesota now that have attained "winter beater" status. Does
      > have any comments?
      > Thanks,
      > Jeff in Minneapolis
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