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216Re: Cadillac Brougham - how much better is the 5.7?

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  • team_pms
    Nov 8, 2002

      I never had a "5.0" or the "5.7". However, I did have an 83 Sedan
      and 86 Sedan, (Baby cadi w/ the 4500) and I can honestly say the 86
      was leaps and bounds a stronger. Presently I have an 85 Seville de
      Elegance with the old 4100. Essh, that mill is just as soggy as the
      83's. Of all my favorite toys, which included a 70 Sedan, 72 Sedan,
      76 Eldo, 77 Coupe, 85 Eldo and the aforementioned above...my 77 with
      a 425 was my all time best.

      I'm no expert, just an enthusiast. In my opinion the 4100 was 2nd
      worse mill next that 4-6-8 crap they through at us. Nevertheless,
      they are so cheap to buy at the present time, I don't mind melting
      one every once in a while. (grin)

      PS. Don't get me started on that dressed up Chevy Caviler Cadi

      BTW If you through 6000 lbs, let alone 3000 lbs in the trunk of my
      70, it still would pull the 4100 through a 1/4 mile.

      Anyway, good luck on your search.
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