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197Welcome!!!! New + All Members!!!!

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  • snakepluskin
    May 20, 2002
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      Cadillac's - Ozzy + More Cadillacs!!!!! Also Please Welcome the
      Newest member of my collection....The 1999 Triple Black Convertible
      Limited Edition Mustang (BadAss) COBRA !!!!! <---Ohhh Yesss... You
      know its a CaraaaaZZZZyyyy Car. It also gives the Brougham a bit of a
      rest on the sunniest of sunny days here in South Florida. Pics coming
      veeery soon!!!! Within 3 days! Please say Hello to Mr. Tinker Train
      whenever possible. Thank You ALL for making this the best Caddy Joint
      in the world of Caddy Joints!!!