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172Re: Northstar eng.

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  • driggars
    Jan 6, 2002
      How much water are you losing? If you are filling
      way uo to the top then you are over filling, you only
      need to fill to an inch or so of top. If you are
      loosing water to pressure build up it well could be a
      head gasket. You will not need to replace the engine,
      just have a neww head gasket set put on, have the
      heads checked ang make sure you do not have a cracked
      head. One thing you may try first is have some one
      re-torque the head bolts and make sure they are not
      loose.<br>When your engine is warm watch your lower radiator
      hose and make sure it is not collapsing when the
      thermostat is opening, the bottom hose should have a spring
      in it to keep this from happening. this can cause
      heat up and pressure and loss of water. Have your
      ratiator pulled and cleaned INSIDE AND OUTSIDE. Have some
      one start the engine when at operating temp and watch
      the fan blades tell them to turn the engine off if
      the blades turn more than 1 1/2 revelutions then the
      fan clutch could be out. Do not do this when the
      engine is cool because the fan clutch will not be
      engaged as much. Check all these things before some one
      talks you into a head gasket job.<br>I do not recommend
      an additive because this is just temp if it even
      works and can stop up your radiator. But if you insist
      go with a can of K&M Mettalic metal seal. It will
      SOMETIMES work only if the gasket is blown at a water
      jacket.<br>Clint D
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