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Re: [cablevision_digital] Time Warner DVR

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  • Rick *
    I have been using the new web DVR search feature. You can search by actor, type of movie, etc. Much better then the channel guide so far. ... -- Rick
    Message 1 of 8 , Aug 10 3:12 AM
      I have been using the new web DVR search feature. You can search by actor,
      type of movie, etc. Much better then the channel guide so far.

      On Sun, Aug 9, 2009 at 11:30 PM, Bark Woof <barkbarkwoof@...> wrote:

      > One of the blatantly missing features had been the lack of a search
      > function. This will hopefully be mitigated by the new web functionality
      > being added. I will be interested in seeing how well it works.
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      > On Sat, 08 Aug 2009 07:29 -0700, "M K" <mhkraml@...<mhkraml%40yahoo.com>>
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      > > I do find it funny that in spite of how really bad that CV DVR is,
      > > people are not demanding it get fixed, instead we have a bunch of
      > > wimps claiming how good it is, so why should CV do anything to make it
      > > better
      > OK, I've been on this list a long time and I don't recall ANYONE saying how
      > "good" the CV DVR is.
      > The question is -- does it ADEQUATELY do what it is supposed to?
      > The answer is yes, at least for many of us here. The arguments have been
      > made ad naseum, but I'll just quickly run down the list of why most of us
      > who use the CV DVR do so: no upfront cost, easily added extra capacity,
      > usually "just works" with no cable-card or similar things needed, about the
      > same price as a monthly TivoHD sub, supported by CV.
      > We all know the Tivo interface is superior. There's no question. And
      > there's
      > no question as well that if you ask ANY CV DVR user "would you like CV to
      > improve the interface," the answer will be yes. Some of us just don't want
      > to deal with cable cards or whatever devices you folks are using these days
      > to get the Tivo to cooperate with CV (and still might not get all the HD
      > channels, right)?
      > Let's not make things up, OK?
      > > If google worked that way there would not be an internet revolution,
      > > if amazon worked that way they would probably not be able to sell a
      > > single book, find me books that start with the letter M.
      > Some of us just use our DVRs to "season pass" things. That's really all my
      > family uses it for. We watch enough TV without our DVR guessing what OTHER
      > shows we might like to get sucked in to. :)
      > I'd bet a lot of other CV DVR users pretty much just use it as a season
      > passer as well, and perhaps also for recording a show you started watching
      > but want to finish later, or scheduling an individual show that you know is
      > coming up and you want to see.
      > None of us are praising the CV DVR, none of us are in awe of it. We just
      > know what it is and for what we use it for, it's "adequate." Not perfect,
      > not even "great," but adequate. And for me at least, the extra features of
      > Tivo are just not worth the price, nor the inconvenience of dealing with
      > non-cablevision adapters.
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