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Re: MR-DVR Down?

This happened to me last night around 10:45pm. I finished watching something recorded on the MR-DVR, and went to watch the next show, and got various
Nov 25

Re: MR-DVR Down?

Everything else was working properly. OV, OOL, TV, including premium channels. Everything else. I did call CV last night and the tech scheduled me for an
Nov 21

Re: MR-DVR Down?

I've seen this a couple of times recently and it eventually fixes itself. I also notice that my internet and phone service are down during this time and my
Nov 21

Re: MR-DVR Down?

Rebooting the box (twice) actually made the problem worse...now channel 1001 is asking me to sign up for the MR-DVR again and my local DVR (SA-8200HD) cannot
Nov 20

MR-DVR Down?

When I go to channel 1001 and hit select, I get an empty recorded list, then a "loading" screen with a spinning icon, followed thereafter by an error "Feature
Nov 20

Altice wants to expand Cablevision’s Internet into NYC

Altice wants to expand Cablevision’s Internet into NYC http://nypost.com/2015/11/15/altice-wants-to-expand-cablevisions-internet-into-nyc/
Nov 18

Re: Samsung updates

Support for USB drive to enable live tv rewind and an hour buffer. (And better response time) Rumored to be available this month.
Nov 12

Re: Its all gone quiet.

Had many problems with my Verizon POTS line over the past few years. The last few times it took about a week to get it repaired. Had a second line with Optimum
Nov 12

Re: Its all gone quiet.

Verizon has stated that at some point they will stop making repairs to copper. I prefer copper, for now at least as we have had several power outages that
Nov 12

Samsung updates

Anybody know what other updates were pushed to the Samsung STB boxes last night Things I noticed: Status bar now shows episode title and season episode number
Dennis Gleeson
Nov 11

Re: Its all gone quiet.

My guess is they will try to get you on Voice Link. I think that is the name of the cellular based home phone. Does your home not have copper from long ago?
Nov 11

Its all gone quiet.

I figured I'd chime in and get some conversation going. It would be nice to have some competition to CV's voice service. .. If I give Verizon a call
Steven Toth
Nov 10

Re: CCI bit

I think everyone is confusing the issue. The Supreme Court did not rule that you have a "right" to copy copyrighted media for personal use. It ruled that the
Oct 30

Re: My building was wired for FiOS

Interesting,  though my apartment building in Brooklyn is only 42 apartments (6 floors 7 per floor) I doubt we will ever be wired. I can only hope it will be,
Lou Levinson
Oct 27

Re: My building was wired for FiOS

Verydumb is busily wiring parts of Brooklyn for FiOS. The FiOS DVR set up is not server based. It is a MOCA system (in house wires) using two set top boxes
Stuart C. Hellinger
Oct 24
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