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Re: super bowl in uhd?

They're not spending my dollars, why do I care. Chances are, I can probably watch it in 4k later in the year if/when they build an online streaming service.
Steven Toth
Feb 5

Re: super bowl in uhd?

That's this joke of a league for you. Figures. ... Posted by: Ron Troy ... Reply to sender [2] ... Reply to group [3]
Aaron Clow
Feb 4

Re: super bowl in uhd?

What a waste - they are spending a fortune on 4k cameras and related gear, but not broadcasting it.
Ron Troy
Feb 4

Re: super bowl in uhd?

The game is not being broadcasted in 4k/Ultra HD. Why You Shouldn't Buy A New TV For Super Bowl 50
Feb 3

super bowl in uhd?

Is CV carrying the superbowl in UHD? If so, how? Just curious.
Ron Troy
Feb 2

Re: MR DVR Feedback...

... MR-DVR: Beginning NO Ending: YES
Dennis Gleeson
Feb 1

Re: MR DVR Feedback...

Can you now pad the time? Sent from my iPhone On Feb 1, 2016, at 11:08 AM, mbd007@... [cablevision_digital]
Feb 1

Problem with Programming Multi Room set

I am having a problem with the programming on my Multi room set. I set it to record Star Treck: The Next Generation on BBC, channel 101. All shows, all the
Feb 1

Re: MR DVR Feedback...

I have both an 8300HD, and the MR-DVR service. The MR-DVR FF/REW/PLAY delay is seriously annoying, although it seems to be somewhat less on my Samsung box (vs
Feb 1

Re: MR DVR Feedback...

We switched to it last summer. The biggest piece of advice I can offer is, if you have any Scientific Atlanta boxes you want to watch it on, swap them out for
David A. Curry
Feb 1
Eric Greenberg
Feb 1

MR DVR Feedback...

So a question for the group... Still have the single 8300 DVR and are seriously considering switching over to Multi-room DVR. What are general thoughts? Is
Feb 1

Heavy Pixelation on Ch 163 / Smithsonian / RV subscriber

Yesterday (Sunday) I was experiencing heavy pixelation on Ch 163 on all 3 boxes (SA 8300 DVR, Samsung and SA 4250HD). Checked other channels and it seemed
Jan 18

Re: Cablecard woes / Cust Services unable to unbind and rebind my ca

All taken care of, many thanks to all who helped. On Sat, Jan 16, 2016 at 3:29 PM, Wilt Hildenbrand wilth@... ... -- Steven Toth - Kernel Labs
Steven Toth
Jan 18

Has Samsung STBs sleep timer changed?

Up until a few months ago I could use the sleep timer on my Samsung STB to turn my TV off. I would set the sleep timer on the STB and when the time expired the
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Jan 17
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