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Fw: ICT for Development Weekly Monitor [July 19-26, 2002]

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    You may find this interesting... ... opetrov@world bank.org To: Opetrov@Worldbank.Org cc: 07/31/2002 Subject: ICT for Development
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      You may find this interesting...
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      07/31/2002 Subject: ICT for Development Weekly Monitor
      01:37 AM [July 19-26, 2002]

      Dear friends of ICT for Development:

      Welcome to our email newsletter, which aims to keep you abreast of the latest
      news related to our topic page on the Development Gateway. The mission of the
      ICT for Development portal is to make the Internet a more valuable source of
      information and solutions to people involved in ICT for Development. We do this
      by connecting people to needed information, tools and to one another. In order
      to fulfill our mission we are trying to build a vibrant global ICT for
      Development community around a comprehensive knowledge base supported by a
      diverse advisory group and multi-stakeholder institutional partnership for

      HTML version of this newsletter is available at:
      ICT for Development Weekly Monitor [July 19-26, 2002]

      1. Current Highlight: ICT Capacity Building in Developing Countries
      2. Top ICT for Development news
      3. Top ICT for Development resources
      4. Meet our Community (Featured Partners, Advisors, Members and Editors)
      5. Editor's Picks (Event, Job and Book of the Week)
      6. Did you know...? [Learn about the tools and features that we offer]
      7. Letters to the Editor
      8. Feedback and Disclaimer

      To subscribe to the ICT for Development Monitor visit:

      1. Current Highlight: ICT Capacity Building in Developing Countries

      The phenomenon of digital divide is a complex one: it encompasses several
      dimensions. One of them is a great gap between developed and developing
      countries in their capacity to utilize modern information and communication
      technologies in business, government, social and human development. One can see
      the fast growing supply of sophisticated information and communication
      technologies and services on one hand and on the other hand rather slowly
      emerging demand for them from developing countries clients who are unable to
      absorb so quickly these new technologies in order seize various new
      opportunities in all aspects of life.

      In this Highlight we would like to analyze the issue of a mismatch between fast
      expanding ICT opportunities and a rather limited ICT capacity in the developing
      countries to take full advantage of them for poverty reduction and sustainable
      development. Is low ICT capacity one of the main stumbling blocks for successful
      development of the information society and knowledge economy? What is the role
      of the ICT capacity building in the framework of the overall poverty reduction
      and sustainable development programs? How much of a priority the ICT capacity
      issue should be assigned by ICT for Development community and by the donors? We
      decided to talk about these issues with our advisors John Daly and Barbara
      Fillip. See our interviews with them as well as related links below:

      + Interview with John Daly:
      + Interview with Barbara Fillip:

      + ICTs for Developing Countries - Course Online
      + infoDev Incubator Initiative
      + ITU Capacity Building page (BDT)
      + iConnect Capacity Building page
      + Internet Access Training Program (IATP/IREX)
      + See all other ICT Capacity Building links on the Gateway here:

      Please feel free to share your comments about any of these resources, especially
      the interviews with John and Barbara by clicking on the URL links above and then
      click on ?Add Comment!?

      For more information and various related Internet resources please visit the
      current highlight at: http://www.developmentgateway.org/node/133831/index?

      2. Top ICT for Development News:

      07-25-2002: Women look to shape the future (BBC News)

      07-24-2002: ICT fundamental to domestic life - report (Europemedia)

      07-24-2002: Gulf region's networks may exceed those in Europe (EE Times)

      07-24-2002: African Schools Get a Tech Boost (Wired News)

      07-22-2002: Computer Training Centre for the Disabled (allAfrica)

      For more news or post your own news please visit:

      3. Top ICT for Development Resources

      + CIDA's Strategy on Knowledge for Development through ICT

      + Information Technology Outlook 2002: ICTs and the Information Economy

      + e-ForAll: A Poverty Reduction Strategy for the Information Age

      + UNESCO Recruits Communication and Information Experts

      + Sustaining ICTs for rural development

      [These 5 resources were most often accessed by our customers last week.]

      Please feel free to share your comments and write reviews about any of these
      resources by clicking on the URL links above and then click on ?Add Comment!?

      To see or suggest other top ICT for Development resources visit:

      4. Meet our Community (Featured Partners, Advisors, Members and Editors)

      Featured Partner: Flexible Solutions (Azerbaijan)

      This week we are pleased to introduce our new cooperating organization Flexible
      Solutions, Ltd. Established in 2000 in the capital city of Azerbaijan, Baku,
      Flexible Solutions (FS) became one of the leading companies of the country
      geared towards the development of national ICT industry and bridging the digital
      divide through supporting the ICT for development projects like Azerbaijan
      Development Gateway. Currently, the company offers a wide spectrum of services
      including Advertising, Public Relations, Events Planning, Print Media Design,
      Web Design, Web Hosting, E-commerce and Software Design/Development. Flexible
      Solutions will act as a technology partner for ICT for Development topic page.
      For more information visit: http://www.flexiblesolutions.ws To learn about our
      ICT for Development partnership opportunities please contact the Editor at:

      Featured Advisor: Louise Chamberlain (Sweden/US)

      This week we are delighted to introduce one of our most active advisors Louise
      Chamberlain, focusing on ICT & Gender and Monitoring & Evaluation in ICT4D.
      Louise is an Evaluation Specialist with the infoDev Program at the World Bank.
      Her chief interest is in understanding the developmental impact of ICTs. She is
      currently working with issues relating to ICT and Gender but is also learning
      the benefits of ICTs for grassroots, indigenous communities, and people with
      disabilities. She has an M.Sc. in Economics from the Stockholm School of
      Economics. Before joining infoDev, Louise worked for UNDP in the West Bank and
      Gaza with evaluation and capacity-building in the field of local government and
      infrastructure in Palestinian rural areas. She has also worked as a
      Macroeconomic Analyst in a real estate consulting firm in Stockholm.

      New Advisors: On behalf of the ICT for Development community we would like to
      cordially welcome our new Advisors: David Wortley (UK), Earl Mardle (Australia),
      Eleanor Fink (USA), Krithi Ramamritham (India), Madanmohan Rao (India), Nancy
      Hafkin (USA), Norman Horowitz (USA), Robert Schware (USA), Shalini Venturelli
      (USA) and Winthrop Carthy (USA).

      To contact them or learn more please visit:
      . If you would like to learn more about our Advisory Group, please contact the
      Editor at opetrov@...

      Featured Editor: Ximena Gutierrez (Nicaragua)

      We are very pleased to introduce to our members Ximena Gutierrez, our associate
      editor covering Latin America. Ximena, Nicaraguan, is also the Regional Analyst
      for Country Gateways at the Development Gateway, responsible for technical and
      analytical support to the Latin America and Caribbean Country Gateways.
      Initially a journalist covering social and cultural development in Central
      America, then specialized as producer of social and educational programs at the
      NHK, Japan. You can learn more and contact Ximena at:

      Featured Member: Christopher Legg (UK/Cameroon)

      This week we are pleased to feature Christopher Legg, a member of our ICT for
      Development community. Christopher was born in United Kingdom, grew up in
      Zambia. Christopher holds Bachelors and Masters degrees from Royal School of
      Mines, London. Worked for 13 years as geologist in Zambia (1967-1980) with
      Geological Survey Department and as private consultant. You can learn more and
      contact Christopher at:

      If you found our portal useful for your work or studies and would like to be
      featured in our Monitor, please contact the Editor at opetrov@...
      Our community currently consists of 1446 members from about 120 countries (US,
      India and UK are still taking a lead), of which 1224 are publicly listed in the
      directory. To contact and learn more about our public members please click here:

      New Members: We are pleased to welcome our new members: Ahmad Amiri (Saudi
      Arabia), Aina Ayelotan (Nigeria), Anil Srivastava (United States), Arsala Deane
      (United States), Asma Mahmood (Pakistan), Bayarmaa Bazaryn (Mongolia), Bernd
      Friedrich (Nepal), Bill O'Hara (United Kingdom), Christopher Legg (Cameroon),
      Daniel Mbinda (Belgium), Daniel Mbong Mbwoge (Cameroon), Daniel Salcedo (United
      States), Donald Peter Chimanikire (Zambia), Egal Roble (Cote d'Ivoire), el
      Supreemo (United States), Francesco Baruffi (Itlay), Francis Roodt (South
      Africa), Fredrik Samuelsson (Sweden), Ihor Semenov (Ukraine), Inga Trautmann
      (Germany), Isabelle Bully-Omictin (United States), Isolina Boto (Netherlands),
      James Gillies (United Kingdom), Johnson Ndi (United States), Jorge A. Suárez
      Velandia (Colombia), Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer (Spain), Jum'atil Fajar
      (Indonesia), Ken Butler (Australia), Khaoua Nadji (Algeria), Koji Yamada (United
      States), Krishna Prasad Pathak (Nepal), Luis Cordero (Peru), Mahalakshmi
      Viswanathan (India), Manfred Haebig (Germany), Martin Halpin (Thailand), Michael
      Challenger (United Kingdom), Mohamad Moghadam (Iran), Odin Olaya (Philippines),
      Olga Marzovilla (Italy), Oludare Odumuye (Nigeria), Pablo Osorio (Ecuador),
      Ranjitha Puskur (Netherlands), Samantha Wheeler-Marrs (United States), Shahid
      Akbar (Bangladesh), Sohyung Park (South Korea), Swati Chande (India) and Tegi
      Obanda (Kenya). Thank you for joining our constantly growing community of ICT
      for Development professionals! Please add your bio and photo to your public
      profile at http://www.developmentgateway.org/pvt so that other members could
      learn more about you. You can even have a little homepage on the Gateway by
      posting HTML source text there!

      5. Editor?s Picks (Event, Job and Book of the Week)

      Top events of the week:

      + Digital Divide: Frontiers within Intercultural Communication - Barcelona,
      Spain (July 21 - 26)

      + From Digital Divide to E-Economy: Issues and Strategies for Public Policy
      (July 22-25)

      + 12th International Conference of Women Engineers and Scientists (ICWES12) -
      Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (July 27-31)

      + For more ICT for Development Events visit

      Job of the week:

      + Job Vacancy - Senior Program Specialist, ICT (IDRC)

      + To see more or post your own ICT for Development job opportunities click here:

      Book of the week

      + Applying Knowledge Management : Techniques for Organizational Memories

      + For more ICT for Development books at the Development Gateway Bookstore visit:

      6. Did you know that?

      As a member, you can post your messages on the Bulletin Board of our portal at
      http://www.developmentgateway.org/node/133831/bboard/index?mode=b so that the
      visitors could read your announcements, requests and comments. For instance, if
      you are searching for volunteer opportunity, post your message in the Bulletin
      Board to grab the visitors attention.

      7. Letters to the Editor

      Here we will post selected excerpts of your letters to us about various ICT for
      Development issues and opportunities, which you would like to share with our
      community. If interested, please write to us at opetrov@... with a
      subject ?Letters to the Editor?.

      8. Feedback and Disclaimer

      Have you found the ICT for Development Monitor useful? We would greatly
      appreciate it if you could e-mail us your thoughts and comments on how else we
      might improve this service to better meet your information needs. Your opinion
      is very important to us! Please send your feedback to the Editor at

      If you know someone, who might be interested in receiving ICT for Development
      news, articles, research findings, and other related resource and services
      please forward this message to them.

      The ICT for Development portal is operated by the Development Gateway team in
      Washington, DC under the guidance of InfoDev, in collaboration with the
      International Telecommunications Union, the UN ICT Task Force, the UNESCO
      Observatory on the Information Society, McConnell International, Infocentros and
      many other organizations.

      The ICT for Development Gateway Monitor may contain links to third-party web
      sites. The Development Gateway is not responsible for the contents of any linked
      site or any link contained in a linked site. None of the resources have been
      independently verified by the DG team. The appearance of a link to another
      entity's site does not indicate endorsement by Development Gateway, World Bank
      or any other cooperating organization of the other entity or its products and

      Thank you!

      Oleg Petrov,
      Editor, ICT for Development
      Development Gateway
      Tel.: 202 473 8861
      Fax: 202 614 1169
      1818 H Street NW
      Washington DC 20433 USA
      Email: opetrov@...

      On behalf of ICT for Development Gateway Editorial Team:

      P.S. Special thanks to Ramin Aliyev who has drafted this newsletter and to
      Alexandra Poznyak who has prepared the featured interviews and of course to
      Barbara Fillip and John Daly who have kindly agreed to be interviewed for the
      benefit of our community!


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