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Fight against Spam

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    It is good to know that actions are taken against spammers as indicated below: It is also necessary to circulate this and if possible campaign for some such
    Message 1 of 1 , May 24, 2004
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      It is good to know that actions are taken against spammers as indicated
      It is also necessary to circulate this and if possible campaign for some
      such moves in India.
      Mohan Das
      Against Spam

      6 May 2004 UK police arrest suspected phishing gang, Sophos comments
      The UK's National Hi-Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU) has arrested 12 people
      suspected of being members of a gang involved in defrauding users of online
      29 Apr 2004 Suspected "weight-loss" spammers charged in USA
      US authorities in Detroit have charged four men in connection with emailing
      fraudulent sales pitches for weight-loss products.
      29 Apr 2004 Lancashire man arrested in first UK "phishing" case
      British police have arrested a 21-year-old man for "phishing" in what is
      said to be the first case of if its kind in the UK.
      15 Apr 2004 Stamp your spam as sexually explicit, or pay the fine - Sophos
      reports on whether new USA laws will work
      The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has announced that spammers must
      include the warning 'SEXUALLY-EXPLICIT: ' in the subject lines of their
      pornographic emails or face fines.
      13 Apr 2004 Germany proposes jail sentences for spammers
      Germany's ruling Social Democratic Party is proposing tough new sentences
      for those who send bulk unsolicited commercial email. Under the proposed
      sanctions spammers, and companies who use their services, could be given
      large fines and even prison sentences for the worst offenders.
      13 Apr 2004 Sophos white paper describes how spammers are taking advantage
      of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to conceal their spam from anti-spam filters
      A white paper published by Sophos today describes how spammers have taken
      advantage of the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) feature in HTML to disguise
      their bulk emails.
      5 Apr 2004 Nigerian email scammer receives 20 month jail sentence
      Peter Okoeguale, a 33 year old Nigerian, has been sentenced to 20 months in
      jail for defrauding thousands of pounds from innocent computer users around
      the world through the use of the infamous Nigerian email scam.
      2 Apr 2004 Sophos white paper describes how spammers disguise their emails
      as non-delivery reports
      A white paper published by Sophos today describes how spammers have taken
      advantage of "non-delivery reports" to disguise their bulk emails.
      12 Mar 2004 Sophos PureMessage introduces new spam classification support
      Sophos PureMessage for Unix customers can now benefit from a powerful new
      spam classification feature.
      11 Mar 2004 US firms take legal action against over 100 spammers, Sophos
      AOL, Earthlink, Microsoft and Yahoo are taking legal action against over 100
      of the world's most prolific spammers.
      8 Mar 2004 Sweden takes steps against spam
      Swedish lawmakers have belatedly adopted a European Union ban on spam.
      27 Feb 2004 No spam at night? South Korea reveals anti-spam plan - Sophos
      The South Korean Government has announced a raft of measures to tackle
      unsolicited commercial email, or spam.
      26 Feb 2004 Sophos outs 'dirty dozen' spam producing countries
      Sophos researchers report on which countries are sending the most spam.
      25 Feb 2004 Sophos calls for collaboration against spam
      Sophos, a world leader in protecting businesses against spam and viruses, is
      calling on Australian businesses to support the government's efforts to
      tackle spam through collaboration.
      24 Feb 2004 Sophos cuts spam, and increases the cost for spammers, with URL
      A year after Sophos anti-spam experts first introduced URL filtering into
      PureMessage's arsenal of spam detection technologies, the technique
      continues to prove to be an enormous success.
      9 Feb 2004 South Korean companies fined $55,000 for sending spam
      The South Korean Fair Trade Commission has fined 25 companies for sending
      unsolicited commercial messages via email and mobile phones. The fines total
      64 million won (approximately $55,000).
      29 Jan 2004 Dutch police arrest 52 suspected email scammers
      The Dutch police are reported to have arrested 52 suspected email scammers
      at 23 locations across Amsterdam.
      21 Jan 2004 Danish firm receives $67,000 fine for sending spam, Sophos
      According to media reports, a Danish telecoms equipment firm has been fined
      a record 400,000 Danish Kroner (over $67,000) for sending 1500 unsolicited
      15 Dec 2003 Alleged email scam mastermind refused bail in Sydney, Sophos
      Alleged mastermind behind a Sydney-based email scam has been refused bail by
      the Australian authorities.
      12 Dec 2003 Suspected spamlord charged under anti-spam laws, Sophos comments
      In the USA's first case under specific anti-spam laws, two North Carolina
      men have been indicted in Virginia for four charges of sending forged bulk
      10 Dec 2003 New UK spam legislation comes into force: worthwhile or
      worthless? Sophos comments
      Sophos believes the introduction of new UK regulations to tackle the problem
      of spam will be largely ineffective.
      10 Dec 2003 US Congress passes CAN-SPAM act, Sophos comments
      The US Congress passed the CAN-SPAM Act on Monday 8 December, expected to be
      signed into law by President Bush and take effect on 1 January, 2004.
      8 Dec 2003 European Union presses for anti-spam laws, Sophos comments
      The European Union has asked nine member nations that have failed to adopt
      anti-spam legislation to describe what they intend to do to comply with the
      27 Nov 2003 Nigeria gets tough on email fraud scammers, Sophos comments
      The Nigerian President has announced that the country is to launch an
      inquiry into email fraudsters.
      24 Nov 2003 US anti-spam laws won't stop spam, but create confusion. Sophos
      Anti-spam legislation that could send spammers to jail has been approved by
      the US House of Representatives in an overwhelming vote. However, Sophos
      believes that the legislation will not help, and - if anything - has the
      potential to create confusion and encourage even more companies to send
      unsolicited emails.
      24 Nov 2003 Penis pop-ups and junk mail lead man to "spam rage", Sophos
      A Silicon Valley computer programmer, enraged by the mountain of spam and
      pop-up advertising he was encountering regarding enlarging the size of his
      penis, has been arrested for threatening to torture and kill employees of
      the company he believed was behind it.
      31 Oct 2003 Suspected "Nigerian email" scammer appears in court
      A 39-year-old man is arrested in connection with an email scam.
      1 Aug 2003 Russian minister suffers from spam rage, Sophos comments
      According to reports in the Moscow Times, Russian Deputy Communications
      Minister Andrei Korotkov was so enraged by the amount of spam he was
      receiving he launched a counter-attack: unsolicited phone calls.
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