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  • Shahid Uddin Akbar
    Dear Friend(s) , TechBangla, a non-profit, non-partisan endeavor for transferring technology to and developing indigenous technology and products in
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2001
      Dear Friend(s),

      TechBangla, a non-profit, non-partisan endeavor for "transferring technology to and developing indigenous technology and products in Bangladesh", cordially invites you to join its list-served e-mail network.

      The main goal of this email forum is to help in procuring, developing and transferring implementable TECHNOLOGIES, finding and mobilizing INVESTMENT, and encouraging ENTERPRENEURSHIP, thus contribute in the development of production, manufacturing and service industries in Bangladesh.

      The topics of discussion are expected to cover, but not limited to, the following important areas:

      # Information and Communication Technology
      # Garment and Textile Technology
      # Biotechnology, Agricultural and Food-Processing Technology
      # Electronics
      # Light Engineering Technology
      # Chemical and Allied Technology
      # Medical Technology
      # Power and Energy

      D. POLICY ISSUES on above topics

      It wishes to bring together from home and abroad the following groups, which are not necessarily mutually exclusive, in a constructive discussion platform.

      1. Technical professionals, academicians and students
      2. Investors interest(ed) in financing technology projects in Bangladesh.
      3. Entrepreneurs interested in spearheading technology based production, manufacturing and service projects in Bangladesh.
      4. Policy Experts and various interest groups, including the government, who can contribute knowledge, experience and constructive suggestions to facilitate project formation and completion (implementation.)

      Another pertinent objective of TechBangla (for launching) this forum is to provide a platform for discussing, developing and organizing various TechBangla programs, projects and events centered around above issues.

      The following are some basic guidelines:
      - To post a message, send email to techbangla@yahoogroups.com
      - Provide a few lines of personal introduction in your first post
      - If you want you can change your reading options to digest (summary or
        full) and Web (no emails)
      - You can always post and view through the web by going to
      - You may also forward this message to your friend and request her/him to join through above website

      We again cordially welcome (invite) you to this forum. We are looking forward to some constructive dialogue that will lead to very tangible results.


      TechBangla Moderator Team

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