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Re: Using PDAs for rural buildup and improving social sectors, besides effective monitoring

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    I ll share this with the BytesForAll list, with the forewarning that I don t know anything about this product, or what it can do. FN ... -- Frederick Noronha
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2003
      I'll share this with the BytesForAll list, with the forewarning that I
      don't know anything about this product, or what it can do. FN

      On Wed, 26 Feb 2003, Rajeeb wrote:

      > Sir
      > We are a focused company into handheld PDA applications for storing and
      > sending information and monitoring remote data from anywhere. We have been
      > one of the few companies who have been into applications for pocket-based
      > handhelds wherein one can carry, capture and transfer data from remote
      > places with the help of just a telephone line with or without access to the
      > Internet.
      > Our long term research has borne fruit today wherein we are able to offer
      > our expertise to government departments such as Education, Healthcare,
      > Agriculture, Tourism, Rural Development, Power, Social welfare, Rural
      > /tribal development, Water shed, Police, Healthcare, Taxes, Panchayati Raj,
      > etc.
      > Besides for private segments such as Pharma, Insurance and Logistics.
      > We have already done for over 4 states in India to 100% satisfaction of
      > various departments.
      > We have essentially tried to reach to field persons in any units or resource
      > persons can function better and provide instant results to masses and cater
      > more efficiently.
      > Benefits of Integrated Monitoring System through handhelds
      > q Effective Reach
      > q Cost effective- Almost 50 %
      > q Portable Technology
      > q User friendly
      > q Eliminates Redundancy of data
      > q Eliminates Paperwork
      > q Swift in Implementation of various management activities
      > q Maximum ROI
      > thus helping the organization to
      > q take immediate decisions and
      > q solve problems like inventory flow, progress tracking, maintenance
      > tracking, performance tracking etc.,
      > Allsoft’s user-friendly Automated and Integrated Solution through handheld’s
      > helps the Department / Organization to keep track of the desired discipline,
      > transfer updated information at ones’ disposal at the lightning speed using
      > the latest telecom technology integrated with the handheld devices, thus
      > overcome the delay in congregating the information and utilizing the same
      > for effective administration at the far-flung environs of the respective
      > Department / Region / Organisation.
      > We would look forward to offer these solutions for your projects in various
      > state departments. We are confident that our applications shall be very
      > useful for the field workers/officers for efficient field management.
      > If there are any projects for implementation in the above, pls let us know
      > so that we can offer the best of solutions.
      > Looking forward for your valuable response in this regard to move ahead in
      > this matter.
      > Best Regards
      > Rajeeb Ghosh
      > Vice President
      > Allsoft Technologies
      > T-3, Priya Apartments,
      > Somajiguda,
      > Hyderabad - 500082 - INDIA
      > Phone: 91-40-5566-6868/6869
      > Fax : 91-40-5566-6870
      > Email :rajeeb@...
      > http://www.allsoftindia.com
      > Offices in US, UK, Phillipines, Malaysia and UAE

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