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Invite for Nomination for mBillionth Award 2010

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      Dear Friends,


      21st Century World could be a cellular age going by the phenomenal increase in cell phones worldwide.The cellular age is fast accelerating with cell phones magnifying our larger identity in both individual and
      collective domains and in various social, cultural, economic contexts. This tremendous growth of mobile penetrations is a scene to be witnessed worldwide especially in developing countries with larger
      population concentration. Thus, the power of cellular technology is evident. And South Asia is and cannot be left behind.

      The amazing picture is this. India has reached 600 million mobile penetrations. Other countries like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in South Asia also showing great results as mobile users. The population
      percentage coverage of mobiles in the region is such â€" India with 46.37, Bangladesh with  31.11, Sri Lanka 51 and Pakistan 59 and the trend is moving upward each day. South Asia is bearing witness to the power of the mobile device to empower millions with information, content and services. The power of mobile in meeting knowledge, social and economic deficits is a challenge in these countries.On the contrary, the power of mobile innovations and applications in content and services delivery is amazing and exponentially on the rise.

      It is time that we in South Asia, the nations and governments in the region, as well as service providers, give a thrust on mobile for delivering meaningful services, especially that could empower and enable efficient day-to-day life for the larger masses. It is imperative now that a situation be created where we have the best of applications, contents, and services accumulated as examples to drive the government and industry to ensure they create meaningful opportunities in last mile mobile content and services. Governance and development is bound to be better with this.
      Towards this objective, in order to make the content and services deliverable through mobile as a medium and means, Digital Empowerment Foundation has launched the m-Billionth Award-SOUTH

      Access the m-Billionth Award Site at: www.mbillionth.in

      The m-Billionth South Asia Award 2010 is first of its kind in the region recognising and fecilitating innovative mobile innovations, applications and content services delivery. It is to honour excellence in mobile communications across South Asia spread over 9 core categories. The m-Billionth Award is designed as an annual South Asia’s leading mobile content’s award platform towards larger regional Mobile Congress in media and policy advocacy.

         m-Billionth South Asia Award 2010 Objectives:

      1. Recognise mobile innovations and creativity

      2. Provide a platform for the innovations into benchmarking in the mobile industry

      3. Provide a wider forum for strategic networking, alliances and partnership building

      4. Provide a South Asia Congress to exchange ideas, practices and policy strengths & mobile advocacy

      5. Facilitate in building a South Asia network towards campaign and advocacy in mobile for mass empowerment and inclusive growth.

      m-Billionth South Asia Award 2010 
      1.m- Governance

      2.m- Health & Environment

      3.m- Entertainment

      4.m- Education & Learning

      5.m- Travel & Tourism

      6.m- Inclusion

      7.m-Culture & Heritage

      8.m-News & Journalism

      9.m-Business & m-Commerce/Banking

      Who all can Apply

      1.Mobile device creators

      2.Mobile service providers

      3.Mobile network operators

      4.Mobile content aggregators

      5.Mobile phone manufacturers

      6.Mobile / mobility application developers

      7.Mobile content and information developers

      8.Mobile marketing and mobile entertainment providers


      Warm Regards

      Osama Manzar
      Founder & Director: Digital Empowerment Foundation
      Chairman: The Manthan Award - Best e-Content for Development
      Publisher & Editor: d-Content [enabling development through digital content]
      Grand Jury & Board: World Summit Award, Austria
      Process & Anchor: Dataquest e-Gov Champion Award; Bahrain eContent
      Award; Sri Lanka eContent Award

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