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  • Anil Jaggi
    Dear Byte for all Readers and Friends..., *Greetings from SEWAA!!* * * We are pleased to inform that *Uttarakhand based NGO* *SEWAA * is in a process
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2008

      Dear Byte for all Readers and Friends...,


      Greetings from SEWAA!!


      We are  pleased  to  inform that  Uttarakhand  based NGO  "SEWAA" is  in a process to  launch  its new CSR (Capacity Building, Training, Consulting, and Research)  offshoot "CEBI" (Centre for Ethical Business Initiatives) to bridge the conceptual, ideological and conviction divide between corporate and social sector and to evolve business ethics for sustainable economic prosperity and peace.


      The idea behind the project is to sensitize decision makers, holding influential positions, be it Govt. or Pvt. Sector. To show-case Govt.'s Developmental activities and to involved them in successful execution of CSR and sharing of best practices. Which will help to develop a plausible framework and mechanism for balance business growth with positive change in stakeholder community.


      CEBI will work with grassroots NGOs, CBOs , INGOs and Corporate sector to bring some tangible outcome in the mutually decided domains.


      However, we understand that its aims cannot be achieved in isolation from growing global trends and demands. Hence we welcome to invite locally relevant, regionally active and international concerned citizenry and orgnaisations to bring value to our conviction and philosophy.


      We can send brief write-up  of CEBI (on demand), pls. send your email request (personally), asking for the same with your comments.


      Best wishes
      Raju W

      Centre for Ethical Business Initiatives (CEBI

      c/o SEWAA, 34, Mohini Road (Dalanwala)

      Dehradun (India) Tel: +91—135-2672190

      Email: cebi4d@...


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