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Community Radio - Social Impact Assessment, Removing Barriers, Increasing Effectiveness

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  • Shahzad Ahmad
    Forwarded for your information. Shahzad ... AMARC conducted in a 2006 a long-range worldwide participatory action research seeking to identify the barriers
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      Forwarded for your information.


      -----original message------
      AMARC conducted in a 2006 a long-range worldwide participatory action
      research seeking to identify the barriers that limit the potential positive
      impact of community radio and explore ways to increase the effectiveness of
      community radio in achieving poverty reduction, development objectives,
      inclusiveness and democracy building in local communities. Please find the
      final report at http://evaluation.amarc.org

      The evaluation process highlighted that communities have sought in community
      radio a means to express their own issues, concerns, cultures and languages.
      Community ownership of the media and participation in programming has led to
      communication processes that have effectively empowered local actors to
      achieve poverty reduction, forward development objectives, encourage
      inclusiveness and participation, peace building, good governance and
      accountability. AMARC and other stakeholders have contributed strongly to
      the expansion of scattered CR experiences into a dynamic and diverse global
      sector of broadcasting that has become an alternative to commercial and
      state owned media, which often neglect representation of the poor, the
      marginalized particularly women. AMARC plays a leading role in the worldwide
      CR movement for its perception of what CR should be, for its accumulated
      expertise and the extension of its network of more than 3000 members from
      110 countries.

      The evaluation process has pointed to the lack of proper enabling
      legislation as the single most important barrier to increased effectiveness
      of CR social impact. It has also revealed the rich experience of CR
      movement and the need to encourage exchanges of best experiences in order to
      better highlight CR social impact. There is need for appropriate tools and
      indicators to evaluate CR social impact that go beyond information
      dissemination indicators or small project impact in individuals. Some
      specific experiences point to the need for further research on how to
      increase the effectiveness of CR. To do so, the most important challenge is
      to embed participatory monitoring and evaluation across the CR network

      The last AMARC 9 World Conference of Community Radio Broadcasters held in
      Amman Jordan in November 2006, received the first findings of the evaluation
      process and defined strategic lines of action for 2007-2010 seeking to
      reinforce the CR movement by removing barriers and establishing conditions
      for increasing its effectiveness.
      (seehttp://www.amarc.org/index.php?p=Strategic_Plan-2007-2010&l=EN )

      AMARC challenge for the next months and years is to disseminate and continue
      discussion on the findings and to embed within our network the need to
      evaluate how can we further the potential of the CR movement to make a
      better world possible. There is also the need to better coordinate AMARC
      strategies and activities at the international, regional and country levels
      within the CR movement and with civil society partners. AMARC bodies have
      started joint coordination efforts in that perspective.

      Marcelo Solervicens
      Secretary General, AMARC
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