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Your Benefit, Our Spirit!

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  • Fouad Riaz Bajwa
    Microsoft squeezing its way into FOSS? ... An interesting news article regarding Microsoft s recent open source initiative titled Codeplex . [Source: VUNET
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2006
      Microsoft squeezing its way into FOSS?


      An interesting news article regarding Microsoft's recent 'open source'
      initiative titled "Codeplex".
      [Source: VUNET

      According to VUNET, Microsoft's CodePlex is hoping to attract budding
      developers. Codeplex has recently been launched as an effort to promote the
      usage of Microsoft software engineering technology among the development
      community around the world. During it's beta trial, the CodePlex website
      received more than a 100,000 visits from a worldwide audience showcasing 12
      projects managed by more than 30 developers.

      Microsoft sees this as a way of offering transparency into Microsoft
      Technology to the developer community says Jon Rosenberg, director of
      community source programmes at Microsoft. Secondly he feels that it will add
      practical experience to the CVs of the developers engaging in the CodePlex

      An insight into the CodePlex activity by Microsoft.

      Microsoft may be picking up tidbits from the FOSS community regarding
      collaborative software development and the opportunities that the FOSS
      community shares. It's a good thing to see that various proprietary software
      corporations that stood strong in their dominance at one stage are now
      bending towards the offerings and disruption caused by the FOSS movement,
      even though they give a feeling of making CVs good and something strong for
      the developer's career. However, such initiatives will continue to lack the
      spirit that the FOSS community or movement shares globally. If Microsoft
      says "Your Potential, Our Passion", the FOSS community says "Your Benefit,
      Our Spirit", though; the path to realization for the proprietary software
      corporations is definitely a long journey!

      Another important consideration is that the CodePlex promotes a significant
      copyright by Microsoft. While going through its code of conduct section, it
      states "Microsoft reserves the right to remove at any time, without notice,
      any sample and/or post to a collaborative service.", so much for the right
      to share and develop or even privacy. Another interesting topic is that the
      privacy issues are not relevant to an open community but to that of what
      Microsoft offers to its general customers on the MSN or Microsoft Websites
      so it keeps ending up back under copyright or security issues under the
      Microsoft Corporation.

      Promoting the Commons through ICT Software Freedom

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