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RE: Mailing List Announce for the Pakistan OOXML issue and MeetingPSQCA

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  • Fouad Riaz Bajwa
    Dear Faraz, The list is to be made active by all of us as I have set up the list on http://lists.alternatedevelopment.org/mailman/listinfo/noooxml and it is to
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2007
      Dear Faraz,
      The list is to be made active by all of us as I have set up the list on
      http://lists.alternatedevelopment.org/mailman/listinfo/noooxml and it is to
      act as a collaboration point as well as record what we do on this.

      Once again, instead of posting to all the various people through the current
      method may not be welcome by many therefore, I would like to request
      everyone on this list who would like to participate in the NoOOXML campaign,
      kindly subscribe to the list:


      I will be traffic moderated, no spamming, and moderated membership to avoid
      trouble for the moment!


      Fouad Bajwa

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      From: Faraz Khan [mailto:faraz.khan@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2007 12:49 PM
      To: fouadbajwa@...
      Cc: All
      Subject: Re: Mailing List Announce for the Pakistan OOXML issue and

      Fouad I do not think this list is active.

      At any rate,

      Mr. Tariq from LinuxPakistan, Mr. Asfar from IBM and Mr.Khurram from
      OSRC were able to delay the meeting to a later date which they will
      disclose shortly.

      Quoting Fouad Riaz Bajwa <fouadbajwa@...>:

      > Dear All and Jaijit,
      > First an update and then my message continues below the following:
      > OOXML scrapes through, final vote Feb 2008
      > On 2 September 2007, ISO national bodies voted on Ecma 376, "OOXML".
      > The ISO secretariat has decided to move forward with a Ballot
      > Resolution Meeting in February 2008 to make the final decision.
      > Microsoft got to pass with 19 "difficulties" round one (fasttrack
      > OOXML) and lost round two (vote on OOXML), and now the fight moves
      > to round three, the definitive one. From February 25 to 29, 2008,
      > national boards will meet in Geneva to discuss and vote finally on
      > OOXML. If our country is not present, it won't have a say in the
      > final result. It needs to submit a delegation list by December 11.
      > The http://www.noooxml.org website explains how to help your
      > national ISO board do its job and reject OOXML.
      > My Message
      > First of all a round of thanks to everyone for participating in the
      > No OOXML Campaign for Pakistan by the FFII Pakistan Chapter, FFII is
      > the official campaigner for the NO-OOXML Global Campaign
      > http://www.noooxml.org and that?s where we have all joined in from
      > therefore I would recommend not fracturing the campaign that is
      > already at large and continue the petition and debate in preparation
      > of the final voting on 8th of February next year.
      > In practice of my provisions, I initiated the campaign through
      > hosting the email list for Pakistan at the space for FFII Pakistan
      > at Alternate Development, the regional bearer for all FFII campaigns
      > and activities. You all may now subscribe to the specific email list
      > set on the NoOOXML Campaign for Pakistan at:
      > http://lists.alternatedevelopment.org/mailman/listinfo/noooxml where
      > as after subscription, you may direct your emails to
      > nooxml@... on the subject.
      > As for PSEB?s and OSRC?s chant about getting PSQCA to invite
      > participation from Academia, Civil Society and the Companies
      > (Private Sector) has definitely turned into a piece of crap, I
      > wonder what Khurram Islam from OSRC has to say on this? Sorry to
      > say, I have been very skeptical about the claims that PSEB has been
      > making in various areas of intervention and deliberations on various
      > subjects such as Open Source, IPR and finally the OOXML issues. I
      > would also mention this to be a failure on part of PSEB?s Corporate
      > Social Responsibility. PSEB is letting both its member companies and
      > stakeholders down on this issue, totally!
      > Keeping this in view and being both an IT Professional and then a
      > full time FOSS Advocate, my confidence has been shattered a bit but
      > at the same time, its time to stop moving individually and form a
      > consortium under Alternate Development supported by FFII as a Civil
      > and Economic-Majority by the companies on both FOSS and Alternate
      > forms of IPR as a means to bring public value into society and
      > economy. Let?s all move ahead to joining the mailing list at and
      > this will help us identify the actual stakeholders and participants
      > on the issue.
      > You are all invited to join the mailing list; the list has been set
      > to moderation in order to restrict spam attacks and other menacing
      > by groups trying to prevent the No-OOXML campaign!
      > The alternate development website is under development and will be
      > coming live shortly.
      > Best
      > Fouad Bajwa
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      > From: Jaijit.Bhattacharya@... [mailto:Jaijit.Bhattacharya@...]
      > Sent: Saturday, November 24, 2007 11:43 PM
      > To: Claude Almansi
      > Cc: pakistanictpolicy@yahoogroups.com; fouadbajwa@...; Faraz
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      > wasim@...; mohtashim@...; Pieter Hintjens;
      > Badar Khushnood; Zaheda Bhorat; vfranz@...; Shahzada
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      > bytesforall_floss@yahoogroups.com; Zahid Jamil; jehan@...;
      > Jehan; kislam@...; Sufyan Kakakhel; Ashish Gautam; Venkatesh
      > Hariharan; Charlotte Thornby Nielsen; Dravida Seetharam; Lin Lee
      > Subject: Re: [pakistanictpolicy] Re: the OOXML issue and Meeting PSQCA
      > Dear All,
      > I am copying this mail to Venky who is in touch with another set of
      > policy influencer's in Pakistan on the OOXML issue.
      > Venky: Can you possibly setup a mailing group of all those who are
      > interested in open standards in IT in Pakistan so that it it easier
      > to share and disseminate information.
      > Regards
      > Jaijit
      > Claude Almansi wrote:
      > Dear All
      > Several dubious, apparently Microsoft-induced, things happened during
      > the Swiss September vote on OOXML. So Norbert Bollow, who was in the
      > Swiss committee and spearheaded their exposure, started OpenIso.org.
      > It doesn't deal only with OOXML, but there are several threads about
      > it in the international mailing list
      > http://openiso.org/mailman/listinfo/discuss . The archive is public
      > and discussions are in English.
      > Best
      > Claude
      > On Nov 23, 2007 12:20 PM, Shahzad Ahmad <shahzad@...> wrote:
      > Dear Colleagues,
      > Met with Jaijit a few days ago. He was very keen about this process in
      > Pakistan. I did tell him that there is a committee now and they will be
      > meeting soon. Ready to help, he informed that they have conducted a lot of
      > research, which our folks in Pakistan may like to use for their work.
      > Will request the lead committee members to please contact Jaijit as soon
      > possible and am sure their work will be of immense help for our committee.
      > best wishes and regards.
      > Shahzad
      > (...)
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