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  • fsupaintball
    Oct 1 11:08 AM
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      First pump game is set... Sunday, November 6th at 11AM at the Quincy
      field! Be there ON TIME if you want to play!

      These games will be PUMP GUNS ONLY - meaning no semi-autos on the
      field. As long as it's a normal pump gun, you can play with it. Anyone
      and everyone is welcome to play provided you use a pump!

      In case you don't have a pump, I will have five rental packages (the
      sixth is already spoken for) that include a PGP pistol, a mask, ten
      10-round tubes full of paint and CO2 capsules to shoot the paint for
      $20 total. If you are sure you will come to the game and want one of
      these packages, speak up and I'll put your name on a rental.

      Paint and limited CO2 will be available. If you're using tanks, please
      get them filled beforehand so we're sure we've got enough air to last
      the whole day. I doubt it'll be a problem, but better safe than sorry,
      right? If you've got your own paint/air/whatever feel free to bring it
      along and use it.

      Obviously, it'll be free to play (although donations for my pump
      games, and/or donations for the Quincy field are both appreciated),
      and you can bring your own gear, paint, and everything if you want to.

      I've said it before, but I greatly appreciate you guys helping me out.

      Once again, the email address is pumppaintball@...
      If you would like to be put on the mailing address, send an email to it!

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