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  • Rod
    Mar 1, 2006
      Me and Shane have started the partnership, and the name is R and S
      paintball supplies. We have ordered 32 more cases of Proballs in all
      different colors. So the future of or field, is and will be intact.
      We also are going to buy a little bit of Willies inventory. So we
      will have the little things that we all need from time to time, on
      hand to sell also. This field is growing bigger and bigger thanks to
      all you guys. Not sure if we will have all the money for the cable on
      the ground for the net next time but it is coming very soon.
      Tony and Mike/jon gave 20 dollars each towards the net cable, thanks
      a lot guys for the help in getting the things we need to make this
      field become safe and fun for all. Go