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  • fsupaintball
    Nov 2, 2005
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      Hey everyone,

      The first game is this weekend... Sunday at 11AM at the Quincy
      woodsball field. Here's a few things to note...

      -Paint and CO2 (capsules and tank fills) will be available.
      -You are welcome to use your own equipment, as long as you use a pump gun.
      -You are welcome to bring your own paint, air, and supplies.
      -It doesn't cost anything to play with us
      -All six of the $20 rental packages are spoken for, but if you want
      one I can put you on the waiting list
      -This will likely be a monthly event during the cooler months of the year

      I also have some prices for stuff. If you need to buy supplies from
      us, here's the prices:
      Paintballs - Blaze (really good paint) for $50/case of 2000
      paintballs, $15 for a bag of 500 or $4 for 100 rounds. Two or three
      people could probably split a $15 bag for a day of paintball. I have 3
      cases (12 bags total) for sale so we won't be running out.
      CO2 capsules - 2 for $1, which is cheaper than wal-mart or just about
      anywhere for that matter.
      Rental packages - $20. Includes PGP pistol, mask, 10 ten-round tubes
      of paint, and 4 CO2 capsules.
      Tank CO2 fills and Proball will also be available, but I don't know
      how much they will cost.

      Like I said, you can bring whatever supplies of your own you have....
      but we're here to help if you need to buy stuff.

      Please be on time so that we can get the games going right around
      11AM. If you are not there when we're trying to start the games and
      you're on the list for a rental package, it may go to someone else.

      Even if you don't have a gun or a rental package, there will be
      players at the game with extra guns, so we'll likely be able to do
      something for you.

      Once again, the game is on Sunday Nov 6th at 11AM at the Quincy field.
      If you need more info don't hesitate to ask

      If you would like to be added to the mailing list our address is
      pumppaintball (at) gmail.com