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Re: Queen Bombus hypnorum collecting pollen 13 Nov 2015.

Martin, The email below almost of no consequence for me - my connection is tenuous in the extreme. But I thought it was quite cheery - and it does mention
Brian Orr
Nov 15

Re: Queen Bombus hypnorum collecting pollen 13 Nov 2015.

Hallo Bernard. Very nice to see your report from West Penwith again! Please do let us know what you see on your next visits to Hayle and Penzance. There are
Nov 14

Re: Queen Bombus hypnorum collecting pollen 13 Nov 2015.

Thanks for that Stephen, last Saturday 7 Nov., I saw B. Terrestris worker with pollen on Mahonia at Hayle plus a queen, and a brief glimpse of another sp.
Nov 13

Queen Bombus hypnorum collecting pollen 13 Nov 2015.

Hallo All I saw a Bombus hypnorum queen collecting pollen this afternoon on a very early flowering Lonicera fragrantissima. This shrub does not normally start
Nov 13

Bedfordshire Hymenoptera

Hi all, As some of you may already be aware (e.g. article in BWARS spring 2015 newsletter), Peter Sutton and I are working towards producing a Hymenoptera list
Nov 5

Re: wasp for ID [1 Attachment]

Hey, It looks to me like a Bembix dentilabris , or Bembix spec ? but I’m not sure. Kind regards, Ch. Deschepper ... Chantal Deschepper Hey, It looks to me
chantal deschepper
Oct 9

wasp for ID

Can somebody confrm if this is the yellow jacket V. squamosa... why are the eyes so green Dr. Chitra Shanker Pr. Scientist (Entomology) Directorate of Rice
Chitra Shanker
Oct 9
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Re: Dryinid wasp

Hi Michael, thanks for the detailed information and photograph. It will help me form an ecological portrait of the species for the key that I am working on. On
Oct 6

Re: Dryinid wasp

Hi Jeroen Thanks for the ID, much appreciated. I suspected that the group as a whole couldn't be easily identified by morphological characters, but that this
michael smith
Oct 6
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Re: Dryinid wasp

Hello Michael, your identification is probably correct. Colour variability can be extreme in many other dryinid 'species' (possibly being species groups in
Oct 5

Dryinid wasp

Hi I've been doing some survey work in Edinburgh and came across this wasp (apologies for the poor quality of the photo). I'm pretty sure it is a female
michael smith
Oct 5
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Re: Colletes hederae season starts - species of Ant found

Hello, I've seen Colletes hederae on the downs above Shoreham-by-Sea as usual, at least the third consecutive year in their colonial nesting holes.Pic:
Andy Horton
Oct 5


Crabronidae,but which ? http://www.ispotnature.org/node/727787 http://www.ispotnature.org/node/727787 Crabronidae,but which ?
Sep 20

Re: Croatian Polistes

Thanks Libor, that clears that up.Jim From: "'lib.dvorak' lib.dvorak@... [bwars]" To: bwars@yahoogroups.com Sent: Saturday, 12
Jim Jobe
Sep 12

Re: Croatian Polistes

No, Jim. Nort- and Middle-European females has almost always yelloc clypeus without any black markings, towads south and east is the black spot and band more
Sep 12
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