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Re: Bombus sylvarum? [1 Attachment]

Looks to be a very faded Bombus, but without a look at it I don't think we can say more than that. From: "ajc321@... [bwars]"
Matt Smith
3:20 PM
Richard Vandersteen
Aug 1
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Re: Megachilidae ?

The female looks like Amegilla (Anthophorinae) to me, Miran. A megachilid wouldn't have a scopa. The genus is not present here in Northwest-Europe. Jeroen
Jul 30

Megachilidae ?

Please check these, same location, Slovenia. Note body size difference. Any further id ? Or repaired id ? http://agrozoo.net/gallery/Megachilidae
Jul 30

Bombus sylvarum?

Hello, A few days ago, I came across a strikingly white haired Bombus type bee in the gardens at Knightshayes Court near Tiverton. I wonered if this could be
Jul 30
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Re: Hedychrum niemelai ?

Hi Matt, Thanks for that. That was new to me. Not being able to afford the relevant journals, etc., I'm often a bit behind. Cheers,Steve. From: "Matt Smith
Steve Morrison
Jul 30

Re: Hedychrum niemelai ?

There has been some taxonomic confusion over these two species and nobile has been used (incorrectly) as a name for niemelai, but the two are distinct species.
Matt Smith
Jul 30

Re: Hedychrum niemelai ?

Isn't nobile a synonym of niemelai, i.e. the same species. Steve. From: "Matt Smith matsmith60@... [bwars]" To:
Steve Morrison
Jul 27

Re: Hedychrum niemelai ?

Probably, but with H.niobile having an identical colour pattern, it is difficult to be certain from a photo.  An indication of size would help. Matt From:
Matt Smith
Jul 26

Re: Hedychrum niemelai ?

Thanks very much
Jul 24

Re: Hedychrum niemelai ?

Hi Stephen, Yes, but based only on general colour pattern. Cheers,Steve From: "stephen.j.boulton@... [bwars]" To:
Steve Morrison
Jul 24

Hedychrum niemelai ?

Please see attached photos Cambridge 23/7/15 https://uk.groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/bwars/photos/albums/495792855/lightbox/1282819788#zax/1282819788
Jul 23

Re: Andrena tarsata questions

As far as I know there is no electronic version available - it was in the Newsletter. M.
Murdo Macdonald
Jul 20

Re: Andrena tarsata questions

Thanks for the info Murdo. Could you provide a link to the paper you referred to please, I cant seem to find it on the BWARS website. Many thanks James On
James Silvey
Jul 20

Re: Andrena tarsata questions

Is there a better way of surveying for Andrena tarsata then pan traps and field observations that I'm not aware of?  I have never used traps, just
Murdo Macdonald
Jul 18
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