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  • Hagelshawj@aol.com
    To Drivers: I ve been recently educated on pedestrian issues, and am pleaing with you all to slow down. Better yet, stop for that pedestrian in a white (or
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2005
      To Drivers:

      I've been recently educated on pedestrian issues, and am pleaing with you all
      to slow down. Better yet, stop for that pedestrian in a white (or yellow)
      crosswalk. Believe it or not, it's their right...and the law. I sent my rant
      to a neighbor on San Jose Ave and deals with this daily. Did you know that if
      the cops stop you for failing to stop for a pedestrian (and you are
      speeding), you could get a ticket for at least $300?

      Try being a pedstrian, trying to cross San Jose Ave at 6:15pm., not at a
      light. (Good luck! Right?)

      Dear Julie,

      Thanks for letting me know what happened! And thanks
      for trying to yield the right of way to some fellow
      pedestrians. Your experience mirrors mine, and the
      hundreds of other signatories on our traffic calming
      petition to the City. Time and time again I have heard
      from our neighbors that they avoid crossing their own
      street at all costs; this is one reason why the policy of
      measuring the safety of this corridor by exclusively
      using collision data is not adequate. We look forward
      to the SFPD continuing pedestrian crosswalk stings in
      this area.

      The 85% southbound evening rush hour speed is approximately
      8 MPH faster than the morning rush hour south of 29th. With
      85% speeds nearing 40 MPH along this corridor, cars are driving
      too fast to yield to pedestrians even if they do see them. So
      I would also encourage the SFPD to do regular, targeted speed
      enforcement in the evenings (3.30-7.00pm) in the southbound

      Thank you again for speaking your mind. I hope that together
      we can bring some sanity back to this neighborhood.



      Gillian Gillett
      for the San Jose/Guerrero Coalition to Save Our Streets
      650.346.3551 cell

      PS Another baby was born on the 1500 block of Guerrero --
      on January 1st, 2005. That brings our total of children
      under 12 to 11 - on this block alone. How will they ever
      cross this street?

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      Subject: Pedestrian nightmare


      I encountered a particularly frustrating driving experience tonight. At
      about 6:20pm,while driving on San Jose (going South) at 28th (I think), I
      stopped for a couple waiting to cross. I was in the middle lane. Cars
      honked and went around. At one point, I got the cars to stop, but by that
      point, the people wouldn't cross.

      After seeing the pedestrian's determined stare not to cross, I went through
      the intersection. I was frustrated and mad at the dozens of inconsiderate
      (and law breaking) drivers.

      Police officers: Can't you, won't you do anything to help pedestrians?
      newspapers are right: the pedestrian death rate is decreasing...by
      inconsiderate drivers infringing on the pedestrian rights. It's just what
      drivers want...less pedestrians. The pedestrians are just too afraid to get
      out there and demand their rights!

      Julie Hagelshaw
      Parent, Fairmount School
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