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MCCLA September Workshops

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  • Robert Armstrong
    Dear All, Here are some lovely offerings from our friends at Mission Cultural Center. Thanks Bob Bob Armstrong 415-515-8815 926 Esmeralda Ave. SF, CA 94110
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      Dear All,
      Here are some lovely offerings from our friends at Mission Cultural Center.

      Bob Armstrong  415-515-8815  926 Esmeralda Ave. SF, CA 94110  Website: www.bobarmstrongart.com

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       Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts

      September Workshops


      -Traditional Haitian Dance Performance Workshop
      -Las Calaveritas y el Posada, play & performance (bilingual)
      -Workshop of Motion Graphics

      Date: September 9 - October 21 (Master Class on 10/21)
      Days: Monday
      Time: 7:30pm -9:00pm
      Cost: $110 (7 weeks) / Studio B
      Costume: $50 (paid 1st day of class)
      Minimum Students: 20 / Level: Mixed
      Performance: October 17, 6:30-8:30

      This is a two part interactive workshop and performance of Haitian dance, rhythm and culture led by master artists and cultural practitioners from Haiti. The workshop will be accompanied by a performance by the master artists into which students will be integrated, giving them an opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned. Each class will be centered on one of three distinct rhythms: "Kongo" dance of love and seduction, "Petwo" dance of fire and revolution, "Rara" dance of happiness and celebration. All classes will be led by a master artist of Haitian descent and will explore the cultural roots of the practice through stories and hands-on experience. The workshop will conclude with students learning choreographies to be performed in the group performance with the master artist on stage.  
      Featured Artists: Florencia Pierre, "Fofo," Cultural Director, is an accomplished dancer, choreographer, singer, actress and educator, as well as a Mambo (a priestess in the Vodou religion). 
      Djenane St. Juste, Artistic Director Afoutayi Dance Company. A native of Haiti, Djenane is an accomplished choreographer, dancer, actress and vocalist specializing in Haitian traditional dance and folklore. 
      Jeff Pierre, Music Director, recently graduated from San Francisco's School of the Arts, where he majored in instrumental music. 

      Director: Hector Zavala

      Date: September 24 - October 26
      Time: Tuesday - Friday @ 4:00-6:00
      Saturday 2:00-4:00
      Promotional Cost: $450 (must be paid by September 13)
      Regular Tuition: $525

      Class Schedule: Tues. (Theater/acting); Wed (Theater/Dance)
      Thursday (Choreography); Friday (Acting); Sat. (Art/Set design)

      'LAS CALAVERITAS Y EL POSADA' - is a high energy theater training that develops well rounded performers and Young adults. This five week production program for aspiring actors, 7 to 14, is taught by working Bay Area artists and it will culminate with a staged production of "Calaveritas y el Posada," a Spanish/English play based on the Día de los Muertos celebration, and the famous etchings by Jose Guadalupe Posada. 


      The play is set in a giant "Día de los Muertos" altar. Students will learn the story behind this celebration and the basics on papel picado, papel mache, altar making, masks and paper flower elaboration.


      Hector Zavala: Has worked with youth for the last 15 years reaching over 3000 students receiving "Teacher of the Year" award on two occasions. He developed the "Theatre in the Classroom" program for the "Universidad Estatal Pedagogica," mentoring MFA students and professors. As a professional performer, he has toured to many countries and is currently working as production manager for 42nd Street Moon.   

      Registration Arrangements: We have a limited number of scholarships to help aid with the cost of tuition, please contact Hector Zavala for more information. (415) 361-1073, hectorzavala78@....

      FREE CLASS: September 19
      Date: September 26 - October 17
      Day: Thursday
      Location La Salita
      Time: 6:00p - 8:00p
      Ages: 15+
      Price: $100 (paid in full)
      Drop-in: $25

      Students will learn how to work with digital Motion Graphics: they will create visual effects using video layers, and make the impossible possible. They'll also learn amazing software for creating great animations, after effects - from beginning to final render in easy steps, 3D environment, lights and cameras, track and stabilizing motion, croma key technics for changing backgrounds and combing elements, and take their creativity to the next level.


      Note: You may bring your laptop but it's not necessary. Software is available online.


      For more information: andres@...  

      YouTube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xylzJenovSs

      Quick Links...

      Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts
      2868 Mission St. San Francisco, CA 94110
      415-821-1155 (Main Office)
      415-643-2787(Arts Education/Outreach)
      415-643-2785 (Box Office)

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