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  • Jenny Stanley
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2011

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      From: Ellie Rossiter
      To: parents for public schools
      Sent: Fri, September 30, 2011 1:24:22 PM
      Subject: [pps_sf] YES on A -- please pass along

      Hi Everyone,
      Proposition A is a critical measure that will provide $530 million to fix and
      repair over 50 of our school facilities.  I’m reaching out to you because your
      child’s school is one of the schools that will receive upgrades if this
      proposition passes in November, and we need your help to ensure that happens.
      Our get-out-the-vote efforts these next few weeks are critical for turning out
      all of our Yes on A voters.
      Here’s how you can get involved:
      1.    Pass out house signs from your car (campaigning isn’t allowed on school
      grounds, but if you have signs in your car you can give them to other parents
      during pickup and drop off)
                                                i.    Pick up house signs at Parents
      for Public Schools (18th @ Valencia)
                                              ii.    Available in three languages
      2.       Email this messageto your list serve (you are allowed to campaign on
      your school’s PTA list serve and newsletters)
      3.       Rally a group of parents from your school to walk some precincts (and
      get some exercise!) or attend a phone bank on any Wednesday night this month
                                                i.    Visit
      http://www.repairsfschools.org/getinvolved or email  repairsfschools@...
      for more details on outreach efforts
      4.       Tell all your non-public school friends and family to VOTE YES ON A
      5.       Go to repairsfschools.org to sign up or get more information
      6.       Vote early– sign up for an absentee ballot or go to City Hall and cast
      your ballot early – more information can be found at

      *All other school in SFUSD have received repairs through previous bond
      measures.  Please make sure this one passes so that all the schools and the kids
      are safe!
      Thanks for supporting our schools!
      Ellie Rossiter, Executive Director
      Parents for Public Schools-SF

      3543 18th Street, #1
      San Francisco, CA  94110
      415 861-7077
      Are you part of the PPS Network?
      Join us! Go to  ppssf.org
      VOTE YES ON A!
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