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La Grande Pachanga

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  • hajdeja ehline
    Hello BV parents, First I d like to say Happy New Year and we hope that everyone had a great and restful Holiday break. Now, it s time to think La Grande
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2009
      Hello BV parents,

      First I'd like to say Happy New Year and we hope that everyone had a great and restful Holiday break.
      Now, it's time to think La Grande Pachanga as it's coming up soon, and we need ALL of your help as this is the biggest fundraiser for BV
      of the year to raise money for many of our great programs.
      The first immediate need is to find out if any of you work in a workplace that either matches donated amounts (from yourselves, so it's then doubled) and if so we will have a poster that highlights all participants and donors for their contributions. The other option to consider is, can your employee contribute $100 dollars worth of services or goods to this fundraiser? I will be sending a more formalized letter explaining what we (the core parent group) are executing concerning the auction ect...within the next few days, but first wanted to put this out there in our BV community to think about as well as ask your employees and neighbors to consider donating to our school.
      We the committee thank you all in advance.

      Please feel free contact Irene or myself with questions and contributions alike:
      Hajdeja Ehline (mom of Myles and Milla) hehline@... or
      Irene Hernandez - Feiks (mom of Isabella) irene@...
      and we will work with you directly to ensure that we give you all the proper information that is needed to pass on to the perspective doner.

      Thanks Again and we look forward in hearing from you with in the next few weeks.
      Cheers, Hajdeja Ehline

      PS: if you haven't picked up the most resent issue of SF Magazine Jan 2009 you should check it out as there is an interesting article about public schools and  BV is mentioned a few times. It's actually a positive article which was a surprise.

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