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Fw: [glenridge-community] Greener Schools Conference

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  • Jenny Stanley
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 15, 2008
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      >Subject: [glenridge-community] Greener Schools Conference
      >The Growing Greener School Grounds Conference: October 10th and 11th, 2008
      >-featuring author Richard Louv-
      >Registration Brochure Now Available!
      >Next month, the San Francisco Green Schoolyard Alliance will host the third Growing Greener School Grounds Conference, a workshop-style event that will bring together over 300 teachers and community members from all over the San Francisco Bay Area to learn more about creating, using, and sustaining ecological schoolyards. Building on our two previous successful conferences, held in October 2002 and 2004, the October 2008 conference will give participants the opportunity to learn ecology-related curricula, construction, and gardening techniques while simultaneously improving the grounds of the schools hosting the workshops. The conference will take place Friday, October 10th (evening) and Saturday, October 11th (all day).
      >Conference Format
      >Friday, October 10th @ St. Mary's Cathedral Conference Center (1111 Gough St., SF, CA 94109), 5:30 - 8:30 pm:
      >The events on Friday will introduce conference participants to the multiple benefits of ecological schoolyards through a networking and resource fair as well and an inspirational keynote speaker. The networking and resource fair will provide information, contacts, and materials that conference attendees can use in the classroom, in their communities, and on school grounds. The evening will feature a keynote address by Richard Louv, acclaimed author of Last Child in the Woods.
      >Saturday, October 11th @ Sherman, Sanchez, & Alvarado Elementary Schools (SF, CA) 8:30 am -4:30 pm:
      >On Saturday, three San Francisco public schools will host a wide variety of half-day or whole-day workshops that offer information, resources, and the hands-on experience in horticulture and garden-oriented green building techniques. Participants will learn skills they can apply later at their own schools. Curriculum-oriented workshops will teach participants how to connect their existing lessons to their green schoolyard. Each conference participant will have the opportunity to attend one whole-day or two half-day workshops.

      >To Register:
      >The 2008 Conference Registration Brochure is now available!
      >Please download the brochure and fill out the registration portion. You may either send a check or you may pay using Google Checkout (below). All Growing Greener School Grounds Conference registration forms must be sent with proof of purchase: either a check or a Google Checkout receipt.
      >If you have any questions regarding registration please email: conferenceregistrat ion@sfgreenschoo ls.org
      >NOTE: all checks must be made out to our fiscal sponsor: San Francisco School Alliance.
      >You may send your registration forms and check/proof of purchase to:
      >The San Francisco Green Schoolyard Alliance
      >Conference Registration
      >PO Box 590840
      >San Francisco, CA 94159
      >The 2008 Growing Greener School Grounds Conference is supported by the San Francisco Green Schoolyard Alliance, SFUSD, the David B. Gold Foundation, The Foundation for Ecology and Culture, Occidental Arts & Ecology Center, The Studio for Urban Projects, Slide Ranch, and Marian & Charles Chatfield-Taylor.
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