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Re: [bvpta] Bob's Art Coordinator Report for '07 - '08

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  • Ian Williams
    bob, what s all the fuss about you??? keep your self-esteem in perspective and continue to be an amazingly articulate, talented, appropriate, and respectful
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      what's all the fuss about you??? keep your self-esteem in perspective and continue to be an amazingly articulate, talented, appropriate, and respectful person, even if some of the parents are a bit outrageous......
      love ya
      betsy s of course

      Robert Armstrong <strongarm_art@...> wrote:
      Dear All,
      Here is the Art Coordinator report on my activities for this past year. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you, your children, and our wonderful staff.

      Art Coordinator Report 2007-2008
      -Coordinated Specialists, schedules, and submitted payrolls as needed for residencies: Folklorico  Dance (new program) for K/1/2. Acrosports for K/1/2/3. Ballroom Dance for 4/5.  SFUSD Instrumental Music for 4/5’s. SF Ballet Dance in Schools for 3rd for 20 weeks again this year, with performance by Anna S’s class at Young at Art Festival. Drama class (new program) for 4th grade for Spring semester. Poetry (new) for 5th grade: 10 weeks.
      -Coordinated Spectra Visual Art Program: Communicated with grade levels to select appropriate art lessons. Bought or solicited supplies. Recruited, scheduled, periodically met with 31 parents who taught on a weekly or bi-monthly basis. Cut 120 mats, bought sleeves for K/1/2 Holiday gift sandpaper prints. Taught in one class.
      -Scheduled ongoing Special Programs: AIMS Music Program; SF Opera Programs: Opera a la Carte and Sing a Story; Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) critical thinking in visual arts program. Teachers sent to professional development day; two meetings of VTS Specialist with teachers to debrief them.
      -Scheduled Assemblies: SF Opera a la Carte performance; Black History Month Assembly; SF Girls Chorus performance; Hoover Middle School Band Assembly; The “Thomas the Tank Engine” literacy play; K/1/2 Folklorico Dance, December and May performances; Storytelling Assembly in Spanish; Loco Bloco Percussion performance; Aztec Dance performances for Dia de los Muertos and Cinco de Mayo; 3rd grade dance performance; Posadas performances; AIMS concerts for K/1/2’s.
      -Field Trips: Scheduled and/or provided transportation for following performances or exhibitions: deYoung Museum  (a separate visit, each grade) at Golden Gate Park; SOMARTS Gallery (2nd Grade); YBCA (2nd Grade); Arboretum visits (1st. 2nd and 4th); Crissy Field (K); 826 Valencia (4th Grade); Planetarium (3rd Grade); Exploratorium (5th Gr.) ; People Like Me Ethnic Danee at Herbst Theater (whole school); Dancing Across Cultures performance at Opera House (K/1/2/4A); 3rd Grade dance performance at deYoung museum; Velveteen Rabbit at Yerba Buena Art Center ( 2nd and 3rd Grade); “Deck the Halls” Holiday performance at SF Symphony (3 classes); Robbins/Wheeldon  at SF Ballet (3rd Grade); Youth Arts Festival at deYoung Museum (whole school over 3 days); “Guys and Dolls” performance at BRAVA (K.1,2,3,4 ); AIMS performances at  St. Anthony’s (3/4/5’s); and AIMS Symphonies at Davies Hall (different visits by 3 groups).
      -Coordinated Special Events: Halloween photos: found photographers, recruited volunteers, scheduled, displayed. Museo Italo- Americano : 4 visits to 5th grade re.: Leonardo DaVinci. Posadas: coordinated performances by Instrumental Music students, Folklorico students, and Ballroom students. Carnaval: liased with Carnaval Coordinator/ Zapatistas, served on committees and assisted in design, logistical, and painting issues.
      -Outreach: Artwork outside school: 5th Grade poetry submitted for Youth Arts Festival Ewald Poetry contest. Media/Claymation project submitted from 3rd  grade. Three class projects and five individual artworks from Spectra art program accepted for display at the YAF at deYoung Museum, with buses arranged to view this display. Two class projects and 5 individual projects subsequently to be displayed for entire year at the State Courthouse on McAllister St. Performances outside school: 4/5th Grade Instrumental Musicians performed at Elementary Music Festival & at Solo Performances; 3rd Grade performed dance at deYoung museum.
      -Contests: Kaiser Permanente Hospital Diversity Program Poster Contest.
      -Communications and Reporting: Attended PTA meetings to report on art activities. Liased with staff as to effectiveness of art enrichments; prepared and evaluated staff survey about same. Liased with Principal Larry Alegre and Judy Diaz about budget and art programs; communicated with PTA Executive Boards. Filled out two lengthy SFUSD surveys re.: art at BV; included teacher responses to same.
      -Advocacy: Worked with concerned parent to establish protocol and secure funding to buy 10 musical instruments to loan to needy music students. Established lending procedures and administered same.
      -Funding:  Began process for grant funding for new mural; supplied information about program to Arts Ed. Funding Collaborative; liased with SFUSD about EAP, Prop. H, and one-time State funding.
      -Outreach to Community: Participated in parent-led drive for more parking for school staff and volunteers; attended National Arts Educators conference in Oakland; attended Arts Ed. conference in Presidio; attended Opera Ed. focus group at Opera House; emailed staff and parents of arts opportunities (over 150 emails this school year); served as Prop H. Art Coordinator: attended monthly meetings of Coordinators, did presentation to this group, shared arts information. Held thank-you brunch for art parent volunteers.
      -Honors:  Awarded SF Ballet “Choose to Move” award as arts education advocate of the year.
      Thanks, Bob Armstrong- Buena Vista Elementary School

      Bob Armstrong926 Esmeralda Ave. San Francisco, CA 94110(415) 515-8815 (cell phone)

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