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Guitars in the Classroom -- free lessons (and guitars!) to teachers!

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      Subject: [JamesLick] Guitars in the Classroom(GITC)

      This was passed on to me- so passing on to other schools. Susan's family are alum of Buena
      Vista, James Lick and Lowell and one starting at SOTA. She is also the part of the Govea-
      Pena family music group that plays though out the bay area and a Spanish teacher in Pacifica.
      Tell your school about this free opportunity. Chris
      The national nonprofit organization, Guitars in the Classroom(GITC), will be providing eight
      weeks of free guitar and singing lessons to teachers working with students from age 3 – 14,
      starting on September 18. . Loaner guitars and all materials are provided free to program
      participants. Classes will be on Tuesdays from 4:30 -5:30 pm at the Bernal Heights
      Neighborhood Center, 515 Cortland Avenue, San Francisco, and will be taught by Susan Peña,
      an experienced children's performer, recording artist, and classroom teacher. Space is
      limited, so register early by going to www.guitarsintheclassroom, filling out an enrollment
      form, and emailing it to Susan Pena at susanmpena@... . For more information,
      call Susan at (415) 647-6878.
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