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5056Re: [bvpta] BVHM Principal Contract Renewal

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  • Ian Williams
    Feb 1, 2012
      i can be at the monday meeting but may be late. where is it?

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      Subject: Re: [bvpta] BVHM Principal Contract Renewal
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      Date: Wednesday, February 1, 2012, 3:18 PM


      Will these be the only times that Assistant Superintendent Guerrero makes himself available to our community?  It seems like these times are specifically designed to make it hard for working parents to attend.  How else can we communicate our feedback?

      Thank you,


      On Feb 1, 2012, at 2:26 PM, Dale & Debbie Gish wrote:


      This was forwarded to me and is from David Robinson:

      BVHM parents:

      I’m writing to provide you with some information regarding the process for renewal of our principal’s contract and how you can provide input into that process this coming Friday and Monday.

      Principals who are new to the SF Unified School District are given one year contracts, which are renewed (or not) in the Spring.  A final recommendation regarding whether or not to renew our principal’s contract will be made by the Assistant Superintendent responsible for our school, Guadalupe Guerrero, in May.  The process involves the Assistant Superintendent providing preliminary feedback to first year principals in March.  As part of that process, Assistant Superintendent Guerrero is gathering information now regarding our principal’s performance and whether or not our principal is good “fit” for BVHM.
      At the request of parents, Assistant Superintendent Guerrero has scheduled two meetings to receive input from parents concerning renewal of the principal’s contract and other matters.  These meetings will take place at BVHM at the following times:
      This Friday, February  3rd, 4-5pm
       This Monday, February  6th, 8:30-9:45am, at the principal’s chat
      I strongly encourage you to attend these meetings, and further encourage you to focus your comments on the following areas:

      Vision:  Do you understand the principal’s vision for how to combine the academic programs from Buena Vista and Horace Mann into a united program?  Do you understand how the principal plans to focus the community on addressing the achievement gap and supporting students who are underperforming academically?  Do you understand the principal’s vision for how a Spanish Immersion K-8 alternative school will differ academically from a conventional, non-immersion K-8 school, in all nine grades?  Our school should have a principal who clearly articulates a vision in all of these areas.

      Priorities:  Has the principal clearly explained to the school community what issues must be resolved and what obstacles must be overcome in order to accomplish a successful merger?  Has the principal explained the programmatic and budgetary concerns faced by our school community?  Has the principal clearly described which of these issues is the highest priority for her administration, and which issues, while important, need to be deferred while the most significant issues are addressed?  Our school should have a principal who clearly explains her or his administrative priorities.

      Communication:  Does the principal communicate what the administration is doing on a day-to-day basis and with regard to long term vision in a way that you understand?  Does the principal communicate well with your child’s teacher(s)?  Is the principal present at important school events and does she maintain a visible profile at the site?  If you have attempted to communicate with the principal directly by email or otherwise, have you received a respectful response from her or from someone that she has referred you to?  Has the principal followed up on commitments that she has made to you?  Does your child recognize the principal and know her name? Does the principal recognize your child?

      In conveying your feedback, particularly any critical feedback, I cannot emphasize enough the need to exhibit and model the utmost respect for our principal.  As a practical matter, concerns that are conveyed disrespectfully are not likely to be taken seriously, no matter the merit.  But much more importantly, the school is going through a difficult transition that has put stress on many members of the community.  In order to remain united and continue to create an inclusive and loving community for our children in the school, we must act as our “best selves” at all times.  If you have negative information to convey, please try to suppress any frustration or anger that you feel and communicate professional concerns in the way that you would want someone to express concerns about your performance at your job.

      Final note:  We were initially told that these meetings would take place off-site.  The location was then moved to the school site, and it is likely that the principal will attend both meetings.  The principal’s presence should not dissuade you from speaking candidly.  But if you have comments that you would rather express without her present, let me know by email, and I’ll suggest some ways that you can convey your comments to Assistant Superintendent Guerrero.

      Feel free to forward this message to other BVHM parents.
      David Robinson

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