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4779AMAZING NANNY available mid-June!

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  • Naomi Fiss
    Jun 1, 2011
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      The most wonderful and amazing nanny is available mid June for one lucky family!
      Highly experienced, reliable, trustworthy, always early, never misses a day, loving, playful, kind, calm, centered.  She is Spanish-speaking and not your average nanny.  When you go to the playground, many of the nannies are absent-mindedly pushing kids on the swing while talking on their cell phones. Not Dani.  She is on the ground, in the sandbox, playing with your kid.  Mirroring. Teaching.  Delighting in your child.  
      She has four kids of her own and has worked as a nanny for over 15 years.  She will love your kids as if they were her own.  Buy them birthday presents.  Prepare healthy food.

      When they nap, she often on her own, does dishes or folds laundry.
      She took care of my daughter for two years (now age 6), and a friend's daughter (now 8) for her first three years before pre-school, as well as two other families, and now still remains part of our families!  She has that same relationship with all of us families she has cared for, and each year, we gather as a group to celebrate her on her birthday.
      We all are more than happy to provide references- I look forward to having her find a new family to be lucky enough to know her.

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