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4167Fw: [schoolgardens] We need your help!

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  • Jessica Perez
    Aug 1 10:28 AM
      Wow! Can you imagine the money Pepsi spends on Superbowl advertisement going toward greening our schools and educating our youth on environmental issues? 

      I imagine it would go a long way! Please take a moment to read the email below and vote in order for this to become a reality!

      Thanks all and many blessings...

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      From: rachel pringle <rachel.pringle@...>
      Sent: Sun, August 1, 2010 8:44:38 AM
      Subject: [schoolgardens] We need your help!


      Dear Friends,

      We've submitted a grant to the Pepsi Refresh Everything Project.  Instead of spending money on Superbowl ads, Pepsi decided to take the money it would have spent and give it away, each month this year, in the form of grants.

      Our project is asking for $250,000 to conduct a year-long green skills workshop series for San Francisco Unified School District's 56,000 students and their school communities. Part of the project is also aimed at re-foresting the district's schoolyards. Workshops will include rainwater harvesting installations, garden/outdoor classroom construction, native garden plantings, curriculum connections, and much more.

      Here's the deal:

      • Projects must be voted on by the public to win. And each person can vote for the same project once, each day for the month of August. Voting ends August 31st.
      • You must sign up to vote, but you WILL NOT be spammed, it's just to keep track of the votes you have.
      • Consider spreading the word, we will be forever grateful.
      • Again, you can vote once a day for the month of August for a project. Please consider making our page one of your favorites:
      Our page: http://www.refreshe verything. com/greensfschoo ls

      Very Sincerely,

      Rachel Pringle
      Programs Manager
      The San Francisco Green Schoolyard Alliance
      (415) 355-6979, Ext. 1566
      www.sfgreenschools. org