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1268Pedophiles and your kids

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  • Julie Hagelshaw
    Dec 1, 2005
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      From a SFSchools e-list posting.  Very sobering. (Sorry if you've seen this already.)
      Subject: Pedophiles and your kids

      Just returned from a scary and sobering presentation by the SFPD's
      ICAC's Officer Kim Mercer at GWHS's PTSA meeting.  ICAC= Internet
      Crime Against Children.  She demonstrated how quickly and easily,
      using myspace or almost any similar venue (AOL is popular) a
      pedophile can learn your child's complete identity, address, etc. 

      There are almost no blocks on computers at places like Girls and
      Boys Clubs.

      The Unit has nailed 17 perps with 100% conviction rate in recent

      A GWHS student who helped thwart a pedophile who had targeted her
      (and ending up testifying against him on the East Coast) and who
      sent the perp to jail for 20 years was one of the first children
      this Unit saved.

      Private schools have invited Officer Mercer to give her
      demonstrations, but SFUSD has not been interested.  (Myong
      Leigh...WHAT DID YOU DO WITH OFFICER MERCER'S CDs of the "Missing
      program"?????)  A few schools in the SFUSD have invited her based on
      savvy parent interest (Aptos, Presidio, GWHS, Gloria R. Davis), but
      the ball has been dropped at the SFUSD.

      Officer Mercer was told by a Microsoft executive that Microsoft
      doesn't want parents to know how very dangerous the predator problem
      is on the internet because "parents would pull the plug" on

      If you would like this sobering, enlightening presentation which
      could save your kid's life, contact Officer Mercer at 558-5528.
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