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The One Business That BOOMS -- Even in a Recession

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  • Joe McVoy
    Free-Reprint Article Written by: Joe McVoy See Terms of Reprint Below. ***************************************************************** * * This email is
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      Free-Reprint Article Written by: Joe McVoy
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      The One Business That BOOMS -- Even in a Recession

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      Wondering just what kind of business you can own that will make
      you LOTS of money, no matter how bad the economy may get?

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      The One Business That BOOMS -- Even in a Recession
      Copyright (c) 2008 Joe McVoy
      Dine-In Delivery

      Wondering just what kind of business you can own that will make
      you LOTS of money, no matter how bad the economy may get?

      That's a hard question these days when it seems everything from
      manufacturing to services to retail is suffering hard times. But
      not everyone is singing the blues. I can think of one in-demand
      business that is raking in the cash.

      And the worse the economy gets, the more money many of these
      people earn. Let me illustrate:

      Recently I spent some time surfing through the cable news
      channels, listening to all the sad news about downturning stocks,
      unemployment, and sagging retail sales. If you only watched the
      news, you would think America had returned to the Great

      When noon rolled around, I headed over to my local pizza
      restaurant to grab a bite. It was still early, so there weren't
      that many customers in the store. I got to thinking maybe these
      guys were experiencing slow business, too.

      But that wasn't the case. In a few minutes things started to
      heat up. Three construction workers came in and ordered big
      meals. A group of nine came in from a nearby office. Then a
      mother with her two kids, a retired couple, and group of
      teenagers came in. Meanwhile, take out orders were being picked
      up right and left.

      I remarked to the owner that his business was looking solid.
      "Never better," he said. "No recession here!"

      No matter how deep the recession gets, everyone still needs to
      eat. These days most people are extremely busy and don't have
      the time or inclination to cook. Eating out is not only an
      option, but a frequent necessity.

      We are also a culture that eats out to have fun. Enjoying a good
      meal and company at a restaurant ranks at the very top of what
      people say they enjoy doing most.

      OK, so you now see just how solid the food service industry is,
      even in a recession. But how can you get into your own restaurant
      business without spending thousands or borrowing millions.

      It's true the average corporate restaurant franchise is worth at
      least a million dollars. Setting up even a small mom and pop
      eaterie can still run you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

      That big investment is probably why you see some restaurants fail
      from time to time. A big investment means you simply must earn
      big amounts of money day after day in order to pay your equally
      large bills.

      That's why the real money is being made by a simple business
      that ISN'T a restaurant, but taps into massive food industry
      profits. This business is spreading from coast to coast like
      wildfire. It combines the success of restaurants with the
      must-have needs of millions of consumers.

      Best of all, this business does NOT require a big investment. You
      don't need years of experience in a commercial kitchen or a
      degree from a culinary school.

      You only need a desire to own your own business, to earn a LOT of
      money, and to tap into the TRILLIONS of dollars being spent on

      Now I'm just about out of space, so I'm going to direct you to
      my web site where I offer a complete report on what the business
      is, how to get started, and how to make money. This report
      contains all the details you need to get started. And best of
      all, I'm offering my report absolutely FREE to YOU.

      Get Joe McVoy's FREE report "The 10 Secrets to Starting a
      Food Business, Even in a Recession," available NOW at
      http://dine-indelivery.com/Report2.html Learn how to
      earn a HUGE income in your own food business with very
      little investment. Reach Joe at Joe@...

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