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Burtons of Orange County Virginia

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  • Robert E Burton
    Greetings Burton researcher ! I hope you find this information helpful and it leads to a new Burton cousin . There are records of Burtons in the area around
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2000
      Greetings Burton researcher !  I hope you find this information helpful and it leads to a new Burton "cousin". There are records of Burtons in the area around the upper Rappahanock and Rapidan (Rapid Ann) Rivers from the mid 1600's.  In 1698, a Thomas Burton of Middlesex had witnessed a will of Mary Head. (W&M Qrtly, Vol XI, 213-14) A Thomas and Isaac Burton appear in the records of Middlesex County, Virginia towards the end of the seventeenth century. It is quite possible this person was an ancestor since, there are established connections between the Burton's in later years to the Head family.
      However, the first ancestor that we are certain of was John Burton of Caroline Co. Va., who died in 1735,  and left a child who needed a guardian. Caroline County records indicate that on November 14, 1735, May Burton chose Dunkin Bohannan as his gaurdian. I have not been able to find any records to tie the Bohannan and Burton families together by marriage. Some researchers believe that Dunkin Bohannan and John Burton were brothers-in law, both marrying daughters of John May. Henry Rice and William Burdett acknowledged their bond. John Pickett Jr. was administrator of the John Burton estate. John Pickett Jr. was also thought to have married one of John May's daughters.
      May Burton (Sr.), son of John Burton was born around 1720. In 1751 he married Hannah Medley, daughter of John and Eleanor Medley of Middlesex County. The Medleys had moved to Culpepper County prior to 1756. May Burton Sr. died in 1801. May and Hanna had at least eleven children. All the children were born and raised in Orange County, Va. William, May Jr., Ambrose, James and John all fought in the revolution, with the Culpepper minutemen. William, May Jr., Ambrose and James were officers. The children and grand children of May Sr. and Hannah are as follows:
      I. William was born in 1755, married Sara Sanford in 1782. He died on 10/14/1842.
       Children of William and Sara:
       a.) Nancy married Leland Blackwell in 1810.
       b.) Elizabeth married James Blackwell in 1816.
       c.) Lucinda married Peter Hall in 1819
       d.) Virginia married Gabriel Maupin in 1826

      II. May Jr. born 1752, married Sara Martha Head 9-29-1776, He died ______ .
       Children of  May Jr. and Sara:
        Benajamin (only son) married ______ ,   
        Fanny married Baldwin Buckner 1794, then George Goodridge 1809    
        Hannah married Alexander Bradford,  
        Judith married _____ Webb
        Sarah married Milton Payne,                   
        Mary married Smith Eddins
        Lucy married James Collins
         Children of Lucy and James Collins: St. Clair, Sarah, John, James Jr   May Burton, Mary Francis all born between 1795 and 1810      
        Margarette married Robert Thrift in 1815
        Martha married Robert Ship in 1816 and James Craig in 1825.

      III. Ambrose born ______ , married Ann Wisdom _______ He died 8/4/1808.
       Children of Ambrose and Ann Wisdom: (All mariages were in Mercer Co. Ky.)
        Elijah married Polly Burris in 1809, came to Mo in 1819 near Higbee, Mo.,
         Children of Elijah and Polly: Edmond, Elizabeth, Lucius, James, Mary,
         Mellisa, Elijah Jr., Martha, born between 1810 and 1830. He married
         a second time to Malinda Kirby, but no record of children.
        John married Lucy Higgins in 1814.
        May II married Nancy Woodfolk (Woolfolk) on 10/21/1805.
        Ambrose II married Jennie Jones in 1809
        Frances married James Armstron in 1809.
        Doshia married George Robinson in 1798
        Polly married Kendal Brent in 1808
        Susanna married William Daniel in 1810  
         Phebe married James Springer in 1811
        Elizabeth married Rodney Combs in 1825
        James married Betsy Beagler in 1807
        Hannah married Thomas Buckner in 1787
        Ivan married _______

      IV. James Sr. married Mary White in 1779
       Children of James and Mary:
        1. Elizabeth m. John Stone in 1799  
        2. Polly m. Kendall Brent in 1808  
        3. Nancy m. Bernis Brown in 1815    
        4. Frances (Frankey) b. 1780 Orange Co. VA m. George Goodridge 3/1809  
         a. John Goodridge m. Ophelia Burton (d. of James Jr.)   
         b. Mary Elizabeth (b. Orange Co. VA 12/11/1812, d. 8/10/1897 Tarrant.     Co, TX) m. John Haydon Oct. 26, 1828 
        5. William b. 1784 Orange Co. VA, d. 1825 Oldham Co. KY
         m. Ann Goodridge in 1806 Orange Co.VA, d. 1852 Randolph Co.MO   Children:
         a. Frances b. 1807, Orange Co. VA     
         b. John G. b. 1809, Orange Co. VA  
         c. George G. b. 1811, Orange Co. VA 
         d. William W. b. 1815, Henry Co. KY d. 1890 Henry Co. KY, m. Permelia
         e. Richard H. b. 1817    
          f. Mildred m. James Callaway 1825 Oldham Co KY       g. James A. b. 3/10/1821 Henry County KY d. Randolph Co. MO
          m. Rebecca Kirby in Henry Co KY  
         f. Benjamin Franklin b 1823 Oldham Co. Ky  
        6. James Jr. b. 1792 Orange Co.VA, d. 10/10/1828 Oldham Co. KY  
         m. Catherine Goodridge 4/7/1815 
         They lived on the Barboursville Road that went into the town of
          Orange, VA. Their land was bounded on the north by the Orange County    line. Catherine¬ís brother, Fleet Hinton Goodridge owned land in the same    place.
         a. Ophelia m. John Goodridge 
         b. Elizabeth C. b. 1825 Oldham County KY d. 2/17/1859 Shelby Co. Ky  
          m. Joseph N Yount 4/6/1840 Henry Co. KY  
          aa. Fleet Hinton Goodridge Yount b. 6/8/1841 Shelby Co KY, d.            12/15/1862 Alexandria TN (killed in the Civil War) 
                 m. Mary Bergen 1859 in Shelby Co. KY
          bb. Lucinda Burton Cindarilla Cathryn Yount b. 1/20/1845 in      Shelby Co  d. 8/4/1913 Tarrant Co TX,
           m. John William Gill 1866 Shelby Co. 
          cc. Mahala Jennie Yount b. 1847     
          dd. George William Yount b. 1849 d. 1855 Shelby Co, KY  
          ee. James Emmitt Yount b. 1851 Shelby Co,
           d. 1880 Monroe Co MO 
          ff. Sarah Ellen Yount 7/11/1853 Shelby Co        gg. George Ann Joseph Yount b 12/29/1855 Shelby Co 
          hh. David Yount b. 1858 Shelby Co.     
                Elizabeth may have died at the birth of this child
         c. Three other children listed in 1820 Census, but no names found
        7. John m. Mildred Goodridge in 1812 (Betty King has Mildred May)
         a. Mary m. Samuel McAllister 4/4/1829 in Oldham Co. KY 
         b. Theodorick m. Ureth ______ 
         c. Harriett m. Henry M Tinsley 
         d. Matilda   
         e. Mildred  
         f. Benjamin B.  
       James Sr. then  married Elizabeth Goodridge in 1799
       Children of James and Elizabeth
        1. Ann Elizabeth m. William Bonaparte Watts 1834
        2. Bezabel m. Frances Jarnell    
        3. Ursula
      V. Joseph married Margaret _______ .
       Children of Joseph and Margaret:
        Mary married ______ Rucker
        Clarissa married Richard Parks

      VI. John born in 1755, married Elizabeth Hudson, daughter of Rush Hudson
       Children of John and Elizabeth:
       Elizabeth married John Cravens from Jessamine Co. Ky.

      VII. Mary married John Rucker in 1809

      VIII. Frances m Ambrose Medley 12/17/1775
      IX. Elijah - no other information at this time
      The next generation would be the great grandchildren of John Burton of Caroline County.
      I only have information on the children of May II and Nancy Woodfolk Burton of whom I am a direct descendent. Nancy was from an influential family of Shelby Co. Ky. May moved to Mercer County Kentucky with his parents at the age of six. He fought in the War of 1812 and was at the battle of the Thames where the great Indian chief, Tecumseh was killed. In 1832 he fought in the Blackhawk War. In 1819, he and Nancy came to Missouri, as one of the first settlers in what is now Randolph County, Missouri. After Nancy died in 1836, May married her older sister Agnes. (May, Nancy, and Agnes are buried in the Burton cemetary SE of Higbee, Mo.)
      CHILDREN:    (Of May and Nancy)
      1.) Burella b(2-28-1807) m Thomas Gordon who was a State Senator
      2.) Irene b(9-8-1809) m J.W. Waller
      3.) Ambrose Waller  b(2-1-1812) married Martha Fort in 1836
      4.) Edna      b(4-16-1814) died while young
      5.) Joseph Wisdom b(6-1-1816) m(11-22-1838) Orpha Jane Brooks. He died in 1911 or 1915         
       6.) William Woodfolk b(6-13-1820) died while young
      7.) May Medley  b(12-6-1822) married Minerva Brooks in 1845
      8.) John Care b(6-1-1827) d(11-20-1847)
      The last generation I will discuss is Joseph Wisdom Burton, son of May II and Nancy. Joseph is my great, great grandfather. Joseph was born in Shelby Co. Ky in 1816 and came to Missouri with his parents at the age of three. He married Orpha Jane Brooks in Randolph Co. MO. on 12/17/1838. Orpha was born in 1822 in Kentucky. After she died in 1852, he married Sarah Ann Pyle also known as Sally. Sarah was born in 1831 and died in 1906. Joseph Wisdom died 1/5/1911. Joseph, Orpha and Sarah are burried in the Burton cemetary in Higbee. Joseph and several of his sons served the Confederacy during the war between the states.
      CHILDREN:Of Orpha Jane Brooks          
               May William  b(10-30-1839) d(3-26-1923)                        
               Susan Agnes     b(1-15-1841) died in infancy
               Benjamin Walker b(12-15-1842)
               Thomas Waller   b(7-14-1845) m(1866) d(3-1927)
               Speed           b(10-15-1847) d(?) buried in Norborne
               Irene           b(3-18-1850) d(10-3-1908)
               Barton          b(3-23-1852) died in infancy      
      CHILDREN:Of Sarah Ann Pyle
               Laura   b(2-14-1854) d(8-27-1920)
               Toleman Gorham  b(10-30-1855) d(3-12-1925)
               Binda     b(1-10-1858)  d(7-6-1890)
               Byrd    b(12-26-1859) d(10-29-1914)
               Henderson   b(11-19-1861)
               Medley    b(2-26-1864)  d(3-22-1927)
               James     b(5-2-1866)
               Woodfolk   b(5-28-1869)  d(9-26-1906)
               Gavella    b(3-1-1871)
               Anna Wisdom  b(2-15-1873)  d(12-29-1920)

      Bob Burton
      Liberty, MO
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