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Review Software : MYOB Premier v11

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    MYOB Premier v11 Product Description MYOB Premier provides advanced inventory, payroll and business management capabilities to medium-sized companies. Manage
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      MYOB Premier v11
       Product Description

      MYOB Premier provides advanced inventory, payroll and business management capabilities to medium-sized companies. Manage even the most complex medium-sized business with ease using the multi-user MYOB Premier software and use its time-saving tools to manage and analyse your business. MYOB Premier streamlines your pay runs, calculates PAYG withholdings and superannuation, and updates all your accounts automatically. And if you bill clients for your time, it provides you with a clear view of what needs to be billed and how your employees are spending their time.

      Handle all your employee needs
      The integrated-payroll in MYOB Premier calculates and tracks PPAYG withholdings, annual and personal leave, superannuation, and other employee entitlements and expenses.

      Get started fast
      You can be up and running in minutes, even if you’re unfamiliar with accounting concepts and principles. The Easy Setup Assistant prompts you with a series of questions that help you set up your accounts according to your industry and business needs.

      Multi-user access
      MYOB Premier lets multiple people access your business information simultaneously. MYOB Premier is issued with three user licences and further licences are available direct from MYOB as your business requirements change. You can set up passwordprotected user profiles to control which screens, reports and menu items each user has access to, ensuring sensitive business information remains discrete. And because it runs on a standard Windows peer-to-peer network, setting up and running MYOB Premier on your network is easy.†

      With MYOB Premier you can:
      Pay all of your staff at the same time with the Process Payroll assistant, which steps you through the pay run process
      Process pays weekly, fortnightly, semi-monthly or monthly (set up different pay periods for different employees)
      Pay your employees' by setting a standard pay, using a timesheet or both
      Provide hourly, salaried, overtime, bonus, commission and advanced payments.
      Print payslips and paycheques
      Generate and lodge Payment Summaries electronically
      Pay employees electronically into multiple bank accounts (up to three accounts)
      Cater for all your employees’ superannuation needs
      Import activity slip information into your employee pays
      Allocate pay items to multiple jobs
      Set a flat rate of tax for employees with a PAYG variation
      Assign an employee category to an employee card (eg, Permanent or Temporary)
      Assign employment status to each employee card (eg, Full Time, Part Time, Casual or Other)
      Record the reason for Termination on the employee card
      Review and check employees' pays before processing.
      M-Powered Payments and M-Powered Superannuation services enable you to electronically pay your employees’ wages and make superannuation contributions straight from MYOB Premier.

      Bill for your time the way you want to
      The time-billing functions in MYOB Premier have been designed to work exactly the way you collect and bill your time.
      Track your hourly and non-hourly, chargeable and non-chargeable activities
      Bill by employee, customer or activity rate
      Partially charge, write off time or defer your billing until next month
      Set up records for all the activities your company provides
      Create activity slips that track the amount of time spent performing any activity for a client
      Bill clients with a specially-designed time billing invoice
      Allocate a GST code to all your activities
      Bill for time and materials on the one invoice
      Import time billing activity slip information into your employee pays.

      Manage all your sales and purchases
      MYOB Premier’s sales and purchases systems are flexible and easy to use, so you can adapt them to the way your business works. Create quotes, orders, and invoices, and choose from several customisable invoice layouts. MYOB Premier makes it easy to schedule your recurring invoices and purchases. Just set them up once and be reminded when they’re due, or automatically have MYOB Premier record them for you. You can also handle complex transactions including deposits, discounts, returns, credits and adjustment notes. And, when you’re out of stock and want to order items to fulfil a sale, you can simply create a purchase order from the Sales Quote or Sales Order window.

      Keep track of your inventory
      Enter inventory items, record detailed descriptions (even images) and track all their movements. MYOB Premier offers full manufacturing build and backordering capabilities automatically when items run below preset stock levels, and allows you to:
      Create instant purchase orders for backordered items – MYOB Premier will fill in the primary supplier and the last price paid for you
      Base your pricing strategies on customer status
      Specify up to six pricing levels and five quantity breaks
      Categorise and analyse the inventory with three user-defined lists and five years of item history
      Easily reconcile your inventory balance at any point of time.

      Record foreign currency transactions
      If you import or export goods, handling foreign currency transactions and exchange rate gains and losses can be a challenge. But with MYOB Premier’s multiple-currency capability you can record transactions in foreign currencies and keep track of realised and unrealised exchange rate gains and losses. You can track bank accounts held in foreign currencies and easily view your accounts receivable and accounts payable balances in Australian dollars as well as in the foreign currency.

      Track GST and simplify BAS reporting
      Report GST on either a cash or accrual basis, and work with both GST inclusive and exclusive prices. With MYOB Premier you can:
      Have your ABN automatically entered on all necessary invoices and forms
      Create professional tax invoices quickly
      Handle a variety of Australian-specific taxes
      Generate reports showing all GST collected and paid.
      The MYOB BASlink feature simplifies the completing and reporting of the BAS.

      Transaction Management
      MYOB Premier takes the pain out of pinpointing your transaction recurring details. The ‘Recurring Transaction List’ locates recurring transactions within your company file with ease by searching and filtering information by Transaction Name, Amount and Next Due. The Transaction Tax Code report filters transactions by account number. This assists with the reconciliation process by enabling you to view each transaction and its assigned account number and Tax Code.
      MYOB Premier also provides the flexibility to set specific Lock Periods by date, rather than month, for your transactions. This feature provides the security to perform bank reconciliations weekly or ensure that transactions which are recorded on a daily basis are not altered. For example, a lock period can be set in the next financial year, to facilitate end-of-year accounting. A calendar is provided to tidy up the selection screen.

      Generate current and future budgets
      Project and plan for the future success of your business. MYOB Premier quickens and simplifies the budgeting process by enabling you to plan next year’s budget while you’re still in the current year. You can now work on all your balance sheet accounts and profit & loss accounts in one window in a simple spreadsheet format. With shortcuts, you can copy actuals from last year to the current year’s budget figures, making it easier to compare actuals from year to year. And budgets can be imported and exported to and from Microsoft Excel in one simple step.

      Email quotes, invoices, statementsand reports
      You can save on time and costs by emailing your quotes, orders, invoices and statements straight to your customers. By emailing quotes and orders directly to your suppliers, you can speed up the time taken to process it. Then when a bill has been paid or a refund made, you can inform your suppliers and customers by sending them a remittance advice via email (or print it to fax or post). Forms can be sent individually or in batches – the process is just as easy.

      Design your own forms
      MYOB Premier makes it easy to design your own quotes, invoices, statements and other forms that you use in your business. Add colour, images, logos, background images and other design elements to create forms that are consistent with your business image and allow you to present a professional image.

      Access contact information instantly
      Store your entire customer, supplier, employee and personal contact information in the easy-to-access Card File. With MYOB Premier you can:
      Synchronise your MYOB Card File with your Microsoft Outlook contacts
      Store up to five addresses and five contacts per card
      Categorise contacts into three groups
      Search by individual, company, postcode range, last contact date and more
      Maintain a detailed contact log
      View a five-year snapshot of your customer or supplier history
      Zoom in on a customer’s balance for an instant Accounts Receivable report
      Import and export contact logs and customer lists.

      Analyse your business in more than 200 ways
      Make informed business decisions based on accurate and detailed information.
      Over 200 flexible reports and charts.
      Assess up-to-date Profit and Loss Statements and Balance Sheets.
      Produce comprehensive reports and send to Microsoft® Excel for further analysis
      Email or save reports to disk for your accountant.
      Use the Company Data Auditor to detect common processing errors and to ensure the integrity of your business information.

      Undo bank reconciliation
      Sometimes when working with company files, the last bank reconciliation performed on the file needs to be undone in order to make corrections or adjustments to the business information. The undo bank account reconciliation feature in MYOB Premier enables clients to easily undo the last bank reconciliation performed on the account. Password protection prevents bank reconciliations from being ‘undone’ in error.

      Connect with Microsoft Office
      MYOB Premier seamlessly connects to Microsoft Office, the world’s most popular office products, and helps to keep your contacts up to date with ease by synchronising your MYOB Card File with your Microsoft Outlook contacts. Create personalised letters for customer-focused marketing and communication with Microsoft Word and send your reports to Microsoft Excel for refined data analysis.

      Streamline your everyday business processes with MYOB M-Powered® Services
      MYOB M-Powered® Services are a range of services that simplify common business processes. They boost your business efficiency by automating the flow of information and funds between your business and the many people and organisations you deal with.
      Get paid faster by adding BPAY® and other popular payment methods to your invoices
      Make superannuation contributions electronically
      Estimate and save for your short-term tax obligations
      Pay suppliers and employees electronically direct from MYOB Premier
      Receive electronic bank statements and automatically reconcile your accounts.

      Minimum System Requirements
      Windows® 2000 (service pack 4), Windows XP (service pack 2), Windows Vista
      200MHz Intel Pentium® processor (or equivalent) with 64MB RAM
      200MB of Hard disk space
      16-bit colour, 1024x768 screen resolution
      CD-Rom Drive
      Windows-compatible printer
      Windows-compatible mouse or pointing device

      Some features require
      Internet access
      Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5
      QuickTime® 4.0
      Card synchronisation requires Microsoft Outlook 2000 to 2007
      Adobe® Acrobat Reader v4 or higher

      Microsoft Office connection requires
      Microsoft Word 2000 to 2007
      Microsoft Excel 2000 to 2007
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      Linux Ubuntu Ultimate 1.4 (1 DVD)
      Linux Ubuntu Studio 7.04 (1 DVD, Best for Audio, Graphics, and Video)
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      Linux Ubuntu 7.04 Repository (4 DVD, Coming Soon) update terbaru

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