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Re: [bukowsko_triangle] WZBR (Wolica, Z boiska, Bełchowka and Ratnawica) update

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    Philip / Debbie, Norman Davies wrote in his book God s Playground: A History of Poland that Galicia could fairly claim to be the poorest province in Europe.
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      Philip / Debbie,

      Norman Davies wrote in his book God's Playground: A History of Poland that "Galicia could fairly claim to be the poorest province in Europe. Galicia had the highest birth-rate and the highest death-rate, together with the lowest rate of growth and lowest life expectancy ... (and) Galicia by 1890 was in a worse predicament than Ireland at the start of the potato famine." According to Wikipedia.com "...life expectancy was estimated to be 27 years for men and 28.5 for women as compared to 39 and 41 in France and 40 and 42 in England."

      Until I read about Philip's calculations (below), I had always wondered about the accuracy of the Wikipedia article.

      Someone else in BT (name ???) recently asked for recommended readings on life as it was during and between WWI and WWII. Norman Davies' book(s) are as detailed and as accurately written as anything I've come across.

      Has anyone (besides me) read The Zookeeper's Wife: A War Story by Dianne Ackerman? An excellent story about survival in Warsaw 1939-1946.

      There is an on-line book written by a young Jewish man who escaped from the Sanok Ghetto and eventually survived the war. This book provides a different perspective on life in Sanok during those tragic years. Here's the link.

      Brentwood, TN

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      Wow! That's really interesting and sad at the same time about the average age at death. I've often wondered about this but never took
      the time to do the math.
      The updated pages look nice and I think it was a good idea to allow
      the browsing.


      Philip Semanchuk wrote:

      > Hi all,

      > I made a small but long overdue update to the Wolica 1867 - 1884

      > parish records that cover Wolica, Zboiska, Bełchowka and Ratnawica.


      > Prior to now the records were only searchable on semanchuk.com. Well,

      > I added three pages (one for births, one for marriages and one for

      > deaths) that display all the records so that you can browse them

      > instead of relying on the search. Here ya go:

      > http://semanchuk.com/gen/wzbr/



      > While I was working on this, I did something else that I've been

      > wanting to do for a long time -- calculate the average age at death

      > for the people in these records. It turned out even lower than I

      > thought; the average age at death was about 29. Excluding all of the

      > infant deaths (those surviving past age 2) increased the average age

      > at death to just 38.


      > There's a little more detail here:

      > http://semanchuk.com/gen/wzbr/AllDeaths.html



      > Cheers

      > Philip


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