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Re: [bukowsko_triangle] Grave Mappers

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  • elstonwe@att.net
    Wow! Thanks, lots of information given. Doesn t sound too difficult to design a virtual cemetery. My project may expand. Thanks for keeping me in mind.
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 11, 2008
      Wow! Thanks, lots of information given. Doesn't sound too difficult to design a virtual cemetery. My project may expand. Thanks for keeping me in mind.

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      Gloria et al,

      This was posted on Polish Genius and seemed timely. I'm not suggesting
      that you post your cemetery information at these sites. I thought
      perhaps there might be some good ideas about reading cemeteries.


      URL: http://www.gravemappers.blogspot.com/

      TITLE: Grave Mappers

      DESCRIPTION: Grave Mappers is a blog designed to help people create
      their own interactive cemetery maps at a new website called NAMES IN
      At Grave Mappers, we give mapping tips and techniques, and share the
      stories of people who have mapped cemeteries. We also reach out for
      help in mapping cemeteries throughout the US and Canada. We support
      and encourage mapping small obscure cemeteries whose records are not
      readily available and are deteriorating due to weather and time.
      Mapping these cemeteries will preserve their records and make them
      available for research to anyone on the internet.


      URL: http://www.namesinstone.com/

      TITLE: Names in Stone

      DESCRIPTION: NAMES IN STONE is an innovative new website that is very
      different from other cemetery websites ? it is a growing collection of
      interactive cemetery maps that allows visitors to search a listing of
      multiple cemeteries, view actual grave locations on a map, and see the
      record for a deceased person by clicking on the grave. With unique
      on-line mapping tools, anyone can create an interactive cemetery map
      and add it to the NAMES IN STONE database. Membership in NAMES IN
      STONE is free! Members can contribute by inviting local cemeteries to
      participate, by using the on-line mapping tools to add smaller
      cemeteries, and by sharing photos and other information with the
      online community.

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