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Re: Some new Tarnawczyk photos

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  • visenna18
    It s really great! I m so glad that you found us at the BT. Your Polish is great, looking at your translation and greetings :) Michal~ and Jo~zefa had six
    Message 1 of 54 , Aug 3, 2005
      It's really great! I'm so glad that you found us at the BT.

      Your Polish is great, looking at your translation and greetings :)

      Michal~ and Jo~zefa had six childrem for sure. Your father Miron was
      the oldest, from what my granny told he got married in Australia with
      a Polish girl named Czesl~awa, they had a daughter Zosia :)

      My granny was the second, she married Franciszek Bielenda whom she had
      met in the Germany during the war while they were doing compulsory
      field works. You probably know that but your father was also forced to
      work in Germany, so the photograph of Michal, Jozefa and their four
      children was made in the 40's when two oldest kids were absent and
      Hilary was still alive before the family on the photo was send down to
      Siberia (Michal's cousin managed to bring them to Ukraine but without
      Hilary anymore).

      After the war was over Franek and Emilia settled on so called
      'recovered lands' in a village Chal~upki and had four daughters
      including my mom (youngest) My granny Emilia died in 1999.
      (grandfather died in 1974, before I was born. Their daughters:
      1.Wanda married 2 sons
      2.Alicja married 2 sons
      3.Graz~yna married no children
      4. Elz~bieta my mom (born in 1959) married with Leszek Junik having me
      (I'm 22) and my brother Pawel~ who is 20.

      We live in Ruda S~l~a~ska, but my aunties live in the area of Chalupki
      (Alicja i Grazyna in neighbouring village Lubno~w and Wanda in the
      town Zie~bice.

      About the doucument you have-I overinterpreted my grannys tales of
      course... 'Just after the war' could be even early 50's. If I gave it
      a second thought, how leaving Germany by Miron was possible in 1945 if
      even my grandparents left in 1946 :)

      My mom knows all the photographs from the childhood, I haven't seen
      them so it's a great thing for me, they are fabulous!!
      Now what I know about the photographs:

      1. It's pretty clear who the people on the photograph are and what's
      written on the back, as you did great job interpreting. However I'm
      not sure if you are aware of the fact that it was send around the time
      you were born as it's written: 'Beloved son, daughter-in-law and I
      suppose till now beloved grandchild' :))

      3. My mom says that it can't be any brother of Miron with him on that
      photo (that is neither Jozef nor Hilary) it's probably his friend or
      maybe some further family.

      4. Sl~awka on that photograph is not the Sl~awka Tarnawczyk but her
      daugher-in-law whose name was Sl~awka too. Stefan is the son of Slawka
      Tarnawczyk and Julian (Julek) Rakoczy. So the Rohoucy you are
      referring is probably Rakoczy. Slawka & Julek had also except Stefan a
      daughter Leszka.

      5. We don't know who the people on the photo are but it's rather not
      Josef Tarnawczyk brother of Miron and Emilia. What else do you know
      aout this photopgraph?

      6. This photograph I was reffering to before sorry I wrote it was the
      last one :))
      It was made about 1962 in Lwow when my grandparents were visting their

      First row (bottom) from the left:
      Josef Tarnawczyk, we don't know who the girl on his lap is.
      Franciszek Bielenda with Elz~bieta on his lap :D
      We'are not sure but it could be Pawliszyn (family friend we don't know
      his name) who was also from Wolica
      The last guy is Julian Rakoczy (Sl~awkas husband) with daughter Leszka
      on his lap

      Middle row from the left:
      Eugenia Bon~czak (nee Tarnawczyk)
      The girl is Mirosia (Eugenia's daughter) but we don't know who is
      holding her (we guess it could be Pawliszyn wife)
      Third person is Emilia Bielenda (nee Tarnawczyk)
      boy next to her we don't know (Pawliszyns son?)
      second boy is Wol~odia Eugenia's son
      We don't know who the last woman is.

      Last row
      We don't know the men.
      The women on the left is Maria (Josef Tarnawczyk wife) and on the
      right is Sl~awka Rakoczy (Tarnawczyk)

      7. 1st row bottom left
      Emilia with Elzbieta, Jozefa Tarnawczyk (nee Mol~ocznik), 3rd person
      is either Jozefa's sister or Sl~awka's mother-in-law, the last is
      Eugenia with Mirosia.

      Middle row (three boys)
      Left: Wol~odia (Eugenia's son), Miron (Jozef Tarnawczyk son), Stefan
      (Slawka's son)

      Last row left
      Jozef and Maria Tarnawczyk, Slawka with daughter Leszka, Franciszek

      Only person out of Tarnawczyk's siblings (Mirons generation) living
      could be Eugenia, but we don't have any contact with family on Ukraine
      anymore. I remember that when I was 10 Mirosia and her husband
      visited Poland (they visited us and my aunts).

      Kisses for you and your family too!!!


      > Czesc kochana Emilia, bardzo fajno ciebie poznac, i wiadomosc zsa
      mam siostrzenica, calusy dla was.
      > My Polish is not too good unfortunately.
      > Emilia, Michel and Jozepha Tarnawczyk, how many children did they
      have. I spoke with my mother this morning, who is not too well
      anymore, she seemed to believe that there was actually 7 children:
      > Miron, Emilia, Slawka, Jan, Milo (who died in a train accident, or
      something the like - quite young), Josef and one other, could that be
      > Glad you enjoyed the photographs, were you able to view them properly?
      > The date my father came to Australia could not have been 1945 and I
      have a document in Polish dated 29 July 1948 from Commandant of DP -
      Zaswiadczenie, stating that during his time at "Wildlecken - Druzyn"
      from 24/03/46 to 29/07/48 he was not punished and his behaviour was
      good - nie byl karany. So it must have been after this time.
      > Do you have much or any contact with any of the Tarnawczyk family in
      Ukraine, namely Slawka or Josef. Is your grandmother still living? I
      do have so many questions to ask you?
      > Dziekuje, dzisiaj ja zadowolona jestem, bardzo.
      > Love Auntie Zofia x
      > (Oooh wow)
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      > From: visenna18
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      > Subject: [bukowsko_triangle] Re: Some new Tarnawczyk photos
      > Hi everybody!
      > What a fabulous suprise awaited me on the BT!! Hello Zofia!!! My new
      > auntie :) Soon Tarnawczyks will dominate here, right Kim? ;)
      > I went straight to the photographs you uploaded and on the very last
      > photo, there are my grandparents with my mom :DDDDD Franciszek is in
      > the front second from the left (guess who is sitting on his lap :))
      > and Emilia is the fourth from left.
      > Zofia I'm so excited about the progress your appearing will make in my
      > research...
      > OK but now some information for you. From what my grandmother said
      > Miron went to Australia straight from the prisoners of war transition
      > camp, with the Australian soldiers just when the war was over. So
      > start lookin for from 1945.
      > I shared most of the information I have already in the thread
      > Tarnawczyk. Of course the name is mistaken there, it wasn't Janek but
      > Hilary who died in Russia.
      > I promissed Kim the rest of the information and photos and it's high
      > time I kept it :)It's about Slawkas family (who lived-live? in Lwow),
      > but I have to have my mom beside because I don't want to make a
      > mistake. I'm certain that with her help I'll answer many of your
      > questions.
      > Greetings!!!!
      > Emilia
      > PS
      > You have to forgive me my delays in answering (especially you Kim &
      > Debbie) now I'm free so I hope I'll catch up, but still writing
      > something reasonable in English is a task for me and takes looooots
      > more time than it would in Polish
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    • Debbie Greenlee
      Joan, Does this researcher have court records or records about Tarnawczyk only? Debbie ... euromaniana wrote: Records of court case
      Message 54 of 54 , Aug 10, 2005
        Does this researcher have court records or records about Tarnawczyk

        joan brandl wrote:
        > Ohh, You will need to hire a reputable researcher to do research for
        > you in Poland or go to the archive yourself.
        > I think the cost and fees in Poland may be about $50 per hour of
        > research, prepayment for the first five hours of research $200. A
        > person in BT wants to sell a copy of this records. Send me the info
        > and I will contact her.

        "euromaniana" <euromaniana@...> wrote:
        Records of court case (Acts of residue nr 242/1926 ) for (after) Antoni
        Tarnawczyk from Zboiska, in 1926 deceased, pages 15, in case :
        surnames, and inheritors , all in polish, ...

        > Joan,
        > Mailkimg2@... napisał(a):
        > Hello again, Joan,
        > Are you in the Sanok or BT region? Do you have access to any records
        > which might help me to learn more about my great great grandparents from
        > Wolica?
        > There are at least three members here who descend from these
        > ancestors. If you can help us we'd be very grateful for anything you could add.
        > Thank you,
        > Kim
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