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Re: [bukowsko_triangle] Hello to all

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  • Debbie Greenlee
    Zofia, Ty mowie (pisac) dobrze po polsku! You speak (write) Polish well. I, on the other hand, do not! Check this out for info about immigrations to Australia.
    Message 1 of 6 , Jul 31, 2005
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      Ty mowie (pisac) dobrze po polsku! You speak (write) Polish well. I, on
      the other hand, do not!

      Check this out for info about immigrations to Australia. I think you'll
      find the archives has your information if you look for it. I also
      noticed that they're having some technical difficulties right now, but I
      know from other Aussies that this web site has a lot of information.

      National Archives of Australia: http://www.naa.gov.au/

      Family History:

      Surname or Ship Search:

      I assume that since your mother came to Australia with the help of the
      sister of her future husband, that she was born in the same area
      (Wolica) as your father. Is that correct?

      How did your mother's family end up in Wl~ocl~awek?

      I would guess ZM Borckowie or Borekowic, who wrote the Christmas cards
      to your mom was from her side of the family or a girlfriend. (you
      probably knew that much) It was not unusual for people who left the
      homeland (Poland) to stop writing to their relatives - for one reason or
      Do you still have a return address for these Christmas cards?

      Did your mother keep old personal address books? Good place to look for
      addresses of people in Poland.

      I think the surname, Borckowie or Borekowic is spelled grammatically
      correct which means if you found the surname in an alphabetical list
      (for example) it would be spelled differently. That I can't help you
      with except to give you ideas and examples. When referring to the whole
      family "Tomalski", you would write, "Tomalscy." Something belonging to
      the Tomalskis would be "Tomalskiego", reference to a woman's maiden name
      (being of the Tomalskis) would be "z Tomalskich."

      A surname which begins with the spelling, "BORCK" is not correct.
      However, "Borek", "Borecki" and "Bo~rek" are correct spellings. If you
      are unfamiliar with changing Polish surnames to make them grammatically
      correct perhaps someone else on the list can help out with this.

      Since you mentioned that everyone in those Polish photos was "serious" I
      take it that people in Australia smile for photographs. That's not the
      case in Poland and other European countries, even today. That doesn't
      mean they aren't happy. I've heard often that one way you can
      distinguish an American in a group of people is he'll be the one
      smiling. ;)

      FYI In Poland, Miron's parents' given names would have been spelled
      "Jo~zefa" and "Michal~". You will need that info at some point.
      Mol~ocznik has a slash through the "L".

      (in emails _only_ we use the tilde ~ to indicate that the preceding
      Polish letter needs a diacritical mark either above, below or through

      I know you had a wonderful visit in Poland. Everyone who visits falls
      in love with it. Perhaps once you find more information about your
      father's ancestry you'll make another trip but this time to BT!

      Now to answer your question: I don't live very far from Kim in Texas!
      I've been here for 25 years. I grew up near Chicago though. I am,
      however, quite a few years older than you and Kim. ;)


      P + Z Trenfield wrote:
      > Czesc wszyscy i mozliwy relacja, bardzo zainteresowany jestem wasz
      > grupa.
      > Hello to everyone and possible relatives, very interested I am in your
      > group.
      > As you can see, my Polish writing is not very good, bad sentence
      > structure, I think in English and write it, rather than how you say it
      > in Polish and write it. However I do speak reasonable Polish and can
      > read most things, slowly.
      > Debbie and Kim, thanks for your lovely warm welcome to BT, there is
      > just so very much to absorb and the past few days have been really
      > "doing my mind in". Anyway I feel very lucky to have you and hope we
      > can help each other to piece together the puzzle.
      > Debbie, in answer to your questions:
      > The date Miron, my father migrated to Australia, this I have been
      > trying to piece together with my friend from photos, cards, etc. we
      > have decided the best bet would be to go to the Bureau of Stats here
      > in Perth. They have a data base on each and every ship that had
      > migrants arrive on it, will get our date from there. I think between
      > 1949 and 1952.
      > His parents did not emigrate with him, he came over with his friend.
      > My parents were married in 1964 here in Australia. My mother came
      > over via one of Miron's sisters, apparently she was ill due to the
      > cold winters and the doctors had suggested to her to move to a warmer
      > climate - which she certainly did.
      > Miron was a very lively, fun person to be around. He was a great
      > dancer, loved to socialise and party, theatre, etc. Attractive, tall,
      > thin, charming and charismatic. This is a story for another time
      > however.
      > I am starting to go thru my mothers papers, photos, documents, etc. at
      > the moment and have found so many things which I hope will be
      > beneficial to all. I have some fabulous photgraphs which my friend is
      > going to help scan for me and I will put them on the BT. There is a
      > photo of Josepha and Michel Tarnawczyk with 4 children, very old, on
      > the back there is writing so I will scan that also. Wedding photo's
      > of Zosia and Jozef (not sure if this is his brother but you probably
      > will be able to tell me), 1969 wedding photo of Stefon and Slawcia,
      > and a couple I am not sure of as there is no writing on the back, a
      > group shot (1960's ?) of a serious bunch of Tarnawczyks, not a single
      > one smiling but all dressed up. Hmmmm, as I do them I will send them
      > to BT.
      > Debbie, I have several postcards addressed to my mother, Xmas greeting
      > actually, they are all signed Z M Borckowie or Borekowic, writing is
      > in fountain pen and has bled, have not much idea just now who this is
      > - do you? She is very anxious as to why my mother has not responded
      > to her letters.
      > I went to visit my mother's family in Poland, Wloklawek, 2 years ago,
      > on my own. First time I had been and met any relatives whatsoever.
      > They were so gorgeous, we toured from the Baltic to Zakopane and it
      > was spectacular. Wish I had known of the BT at that time.
      > OK, enough now from me, hope I have not bored you.
      > Zofia x
      > ps. - Debbie where are you living now?
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      > From: Debbie Greenlee
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      > Subject: Re: [bukowsko_triangle] Hello to all
      > Zos~a,
      > Witam! Welcome! Your surnames are familiar to many of us and many of
      > us have those surnames in our own families. My theory is that all of
      > us on this list are related and all it will take is matching us up.
      > Several people have made familial connections on this list even
      > though they've never met and live in other parts of the world.
      > If you'd like to see some photos of the Bukowsko gmina villages
      > check out my web site: http://www.polishfamily.com
      > scroll through the list on the left clicking on villages from this
      > area. I should be adding photos from each of the gmina villages soon. I
      > made a point of taking a lot of photos of the gmina villages during my
      > trip to Poland in June. I'll announce when they're up and running.
      > You might also want to browse through the Bukowsko Triangle web
      > page. Once you sign-in Click on FILES and PHOTOS to see the documents and
      > photos different people have placed there.
      > Questions for you Zofia:
      > When did your father emigrate from Poland?
      > Did his parents emigrate also?
      > Were your parents married in Poland or Australia?
      > Do you have any documents which originated in Poland (birth records,
      > etc.)?
      > Do you speak or read Polish?
      > Some us live in Poland, some in France, some in the US, some in
      > Canada, and some in Australia. I hope I didn't miss anyone. Some of us have been to Poland. Please feel free to ask us any questions that may come up while you're looking over all the information we've amassed. It is
      quite possible that some folks have much more info than you'll find on
      web sites previously mentioned.
      > do zobaczenia
      > Debbie
      > blondejester2 wrote:
      > > Just joined the BT group, Kim G very kindly told me about this
      > site and the interesting information contained here, and whilst I have
      > just started to read about you all, Kim suggested that I give you a
      > little information on my connection with the Group.
      > > My name is Zofia and I live in Australia.
      > > My father was Miron Tarnawczyk, born 1 September 1919 in Wolica,
      > > Poland. His father was Michel Tarnawczyk and his mother was
      > Jozepha Molocznik.
      > > My father, Miron, died in 1968 and I am interested in researching
      our heritage. Also very interested in who is still alive from his
      siblings. The names I have are Slawka, Eugenie, Emilia, Jan, Jozef.
      > > I do know that one of the boys died in a tragic accident but not a
      > great deal else - yet.
      > > Hope we can all share some great information.
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