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Kwartalnik Nr 3(35)/2013

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  • Debbie Greenlee
    http://www.bukowsko.pl/asp/aktualnosci/download/kwartalnik35.pdf The cover of this magazine shows an aerial view of Wolica. Page 3: Święto Chłopa: Peasant
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      The cover of this magazine shows an aerial view of Wolica.

      Page 3: Święto Chłopa: Peasant festival. You can see from the photos
      that there was straw "wrangling" and log cutting. I think people were
      using tools that had been set aside several years ago in favor of more
      modern machinery with which to do their farming.

      In the lower right picture on the same page we can see a picture of
      one of the BT members, Marek Silarski from Nagórzany.

      Page 4: Story about the "Youth Folklore Festival" presented in Bukowsko.

      Page 5 & 6: Story about the memorial high in the woods above Wola

      Page 6: Story about cars that have security devices so they can't be
      started by unauthorized users.

      Page 7: Świeto Chleba: Harvest Festival. This annual harvest festival
      is held in probably every farming community in Poland. Notice the huge
      straw/hay people!

      Page 8: Story about the cultural/artistic university in Wola Sękowa.

      Page 10: Mentions that a large section of the road near the grocery
      store in Dudyńce was repaired.

      Page 11: A new grocery store in Bukowsko which is sort of a "chain."
      It is in the same location where the original dwór stood. The prices
      are cheaper here and this could cause problems for the other grocery
      stores in the village.

      Pobiedno school (Pope John Paul II) has been painted a bright yellow
      and orange.

      A mural was painted on the side of a large storage garage owned by
      Arkadiusz Andrejkowa in Nowotaniec.

      The photo at the bottom left shows the "hill" behind the school in
      Nowotaniec. The picture isn't very clear but it has been heavily

      Page 12: Story about Blessed (not a saint yet) Father Anastazy Jakub
      Pankiewicz son of Tomasz and Tekla (nee Lenio) Pankiewicz. The
      "Kwartalnik" has had other stories about this priest. A monument was
      placed in Nagórzany honoring this man.

      Page 13: Festival in Dudyńce.

      Page 14: Continuation of the History of Zboiska. Mostly discusses

      Page 18: The partial diary "Przez zieloną granicę" (Across the green
      border) documents illicit trade between Slovakia and the Poles during
      the German occupation in which the participants would make the deals
      in the woods. Apparently the monetary standard was the American
      dollar. A typical price point was 60 zł for a medium quality clothing,
      18 zł for cobbler's boots, over 20 zł for ankle boots made of buffalo
      hide. Officer's boots ran about 45 - 50 zł. The exchange rate was 8.8
      zł per dollar. So you can use the value of a World War II dollar to
      estimate the price of such transactions.
      Getting caught crossing the border meant death.
      Thanks Roman.

      Page 20: Interesting story about Nadolany if you can translate it. It
      seems that in the first half of the 19th century there about 52 Greek
      Catholics but their number was constantly decreasing. In the period
      between the wars there were only seven Ruthenian families left. during
      WWII 43 buildings were burned (mostly houses I think. DG).

      Page 22: an obituary which first appeared in the "Sanok Gazeta" in
      February, 1906 about the noble family Truskolaski. Many of the
      Bukowsko records include members from this family.
      If you have ancestors from this family you need to translate this article.

      Back Cover: The family of Rozalia Bronisława Michoń celebrating her
      in the Nowotaniec church. The pastor, ks. Martowicz stands behind
      Rozalia's right shoulder. He's the one in all white. The story is
      found on page 19. Rozalia celebrated her 100th birthday in September.

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