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Kwartalnik Numer 1(33)/2013

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  • Debbie Greenlee
    The latest issue of the Bukowsko gmina magazine, Kwartalnik is on the gmina s web site:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2013
      The latest issue of the Bukowsko gmina magazine, "Kwartalnik" is on
      the gmina's web site:
      On the right side of the page, click on "Numery" under Kwartalnik.
      The current issue is Numer 1(33)/2013.

      A member of Bukowsko Triangle, and long-time contributor, Marek
      Silarski, wrote an article for the "Kwartalnik!" See below.

      Everything is in Polish but you can copy and paste sections into
      Google Translate. Just realize that you may not get a very accurate

      It's always a good idea and fun to search articles for ancestral surnames.

      The inside cover mentions a CD which shows how a folk wedding
      celebration looked 100 years ago. This wedding was filmed in Bukowsko
      and originally put on a CD. The CD has been digitized and can be found
      on Youtube. The wedding will eventually be placed on the Bukowsko
      gmina web site.

      Bukowsko gmina has also opened a new web site which will include
      places to stay in the area (B&B), tourist attractions, places of
      interest, important addresses, etc.

      PAGE 3
      Baby, ach te baby... does not refer to the English word, "baby."
      The title is in regards to "Woman's Day" which was celebrated in
      Bukowsko. Though the photo shows a lot of women, it's almost
      impossible to pick-out someone you know.

      PAGE 6 & 7
      History of the Fire Dept. in Zboiska.

      PAGE 8 & 9
      "Memories of Piotr Kocaj of Prusiek" is an article originally written
      May 24, 1941. Until 1954, Prusiek and Niebieszczany belonged to the
      gmina Bukowsko. This could be important if you're trying to locate
      records. Kocaj's memories include WWII. Piotr includes a little
      information about how many Poles, Jews and Ukrainians were transported
      to points east of Bukowsko.

      "The train went through Drohobyz, Borysław, Stanisławów, Stryj,
      Żydaczów, Zaleszczyki, Czortków, Kopczyne."

      If we have any descendants "from" Prusiek it would be nice if you
      would translate this article (using Google Translate, with your own
      editing) and post it to Bukowsko Triangle. You have to be careful with
      Google Translate because it translates people and places incorrectly.
      For example, it translates Wola Sękowa to Will Sękowa and Wola
      Piotrowa to Will of Sękowa.

      There is also an article about the Uniwersytet Ludowy Rzemiosła
      Artystycznego w Woli Sękowej (Universty of folk crafts and artisans in
      Wola Sękowa). Anyone wishing to learn at this university should go to:
      www.uniwlud.republika.pl or
      email Beata Ziomek uniwersytet.ludowy@...

      PAGE 10
      "Stop Domestic Violence"

      PAGE 11
      This is an article about kids and school.

      PAGE 14
      Article about planting vegetable gardens.

      PAGE 15
      Article from the Bukowsko veterinarian about the importance of
      neutering (or administering birth control) pets, especially cats.

      PAGE 17
      Article about a walking tour of the Bukowsko area starting at the
      center of town, and includes the villages of Wola Piotrowa (with a
      short history of the current village), Komańcza, Kulaszne, and so on.

      PAGE 18
      The story of the tragedies which occurred in 1861 during the "January
      Uprising," on the hill above the village of Wola Piotrowa. See a photo
      of the sign on my web site:

      PAGE 19
      Article about farmers written by MAREK SILARSKI, who is the president
      of a farmer's association.

      The association's mission is to initiate and support any action
      aimed at sustainable economic and social development located in rural
      areas in the province podkarpacki (Bukowsko is in Podkarpacki).
      The priority of the association is to support small-scale farms,
      assist rural residents in finding alternative sources of income, equal
      educational opportunities for children and youth from rural areas and
      the protection and promotion of the environment's natural resources,
      landscape and historical.

      PAGE 20
      Photo of the bungalows at the base of the ski hill in Karlików! I saw
      these being built in 2011, called "Ostoja". I bet they can be rented
      in the summer as well as in the winter!

      The mayor has requested that the old fire station be torn down. I have
      a picture of this building on my web site. NOW I know what it is/was!

      Photo of the pastor's house in winter. This church, as well as the
      pastor's house/grounds are pretty impressive for this poor part of

      A refurbished creche was finished for the village of Bukowsko. The
      work was done by Roman Betlej.

      BMW 2002
      I _think_ the gmina of Bukowsko is selling a 2002 BMW X5, if anyone is

      Maizieres les Metz
      This is the French sister-city of Bukowsko. In 2000, Maizieres les
      Metz donated a school bus for the school in Pobiedno. The bus was sold
      in March, 2013.

      PAGE 21
      The history behind the cross (shrine) in Nagórzany.

      PAGE 22
      Bison which have contracted tuberculosis have been killed in the area
      because wild animals with this disease can not be treated.

      An historical document involving the village of Lesko was found in the
      Museum of History in Sanok.

      The back cover is a photograph of the center of Nowotaniec in 1963.
      This photo was printed on the back cover of a previous issue of
      "Kwartalnik" but the exact date (May 22, 1963) had not been included.

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