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Re: [bukowsko_triangle] Re: Family Connection Zydka - Zytka

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  • Debbie Greenlee
    Brian, Well, according to the Spis Parafialny Vol. II there were four families living on the property and that could mean there were four families living in
    Message 1 of 15 , Jun 30, 2012

      Well, according to the "Spis Parafialny Vol. II" there were four
      families living on the property and that could mean there were four
      families living in one house.

      Typically land was divided amongst sons and this continued through the
      generations so that eventually each descendant would have very little
      property. If Antoni Kowal and Katarzyna Żytka lived "so well" then why
      would they leave Bukowsko? No one in Bukowsko was well-off except
      perhaps the manor owner and his wealth was relative. I think most
      immigrants had a very difficult time when they first arrived in the
      U.S. and worked hard; maybe not as hard as in the old country but
      certainly harder than we do.

      Oh, there were 5 children altogether. They had a daughter in the U.S.


      Brian A. Kowal wrote:
      > Debbie - this is great!
      > Would love the other dates for folks listed.
      > Interesting to see that Katarzyna married when she was 14 years old.
      > Also, another family legend was that either Katarzyna or Antoni came from more "well-to-do" landowners and that during the period of their immigration to the US that they were reduced to poverty status. Wonder if there is any more information to confirm or deny this legend.
      > Again - huge thanks!
      > Brian A. Kowal
      > On Jun 30, 2012, at 10:55 AM, Debbie Greenlee wrote:
      >> Cześć kuzyn!
      >> You are related to others on this list besides me!
      >> Katarzyna Żytka's parents were: Feliks Zydka and Marianna Chrząszcz.
      >> Feliks Zydka's parents were: Andrzej (Jędrzej) Zydka and Marianna Nawalaniec.
      >> Andrzej Zydka's parents were: Kazimierz Rzytka and Anna Zadylak.
      >> Katarzyna Żytka was born 13 March 1866 in Bukowsko.
      >> Katarzyna Żytka married Antoni Kowal 7 October 1880 in Bukowsko.
      >> They had four children in Bukowsko and one in-between in the U.S.
      >> I have dates for all the folks listed above as well as more children, parents and so on.
      >> Debbie
      >> briananthonykowal wrote:
      >>> In 2010 you were collecting connections about the Zytka family.
      >>> My great grandmother was Kathryn Zytka (Her first name may have been spelled another way e.g. Katarryna). She came through Ellis Island and lived in Jersey City. I believe her birth was 1873 or 1867
      >>> She married Antoni Kowal (Again, first name may have been spelled different).
      >>> It looks like Antoni came to the US first and then Kathryn came later with 3 children -- then she seems to have returned to Poland, have a child, Joseph Frances Kowal (my Grandfather) and then returned to the US again.
      >>> Anyhow, if you have anything that aligns with the facts above - that would really be quite interesting.
      >>> Thanks for your few moments reading this :-)
      >>> Regards,
      >>> Brian Kowal
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