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Re: [bukowsko_triangle] Re: Success on Zawadka Morochowska / Morochow

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  • Ann Poslosky
    Congratulations Justin,   Your hard work really, really paid off big time for you; this reads like a story from the Who Do You Think You Are series, but
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      Congratulations Justin,
      Your hard work really, really paid off big time for you; this reads like a story from the "Who Do You Think You Are" series, but without all the hoopla.  Awesome!!! 

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      From: Justin <JKHouser84@...>
      Subject: [bukowsko_triangle] Re: Success on Zawadka Morochowska / Morochow
      To: bukowsko_triangle@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Tuesday, May 10, 2011, 6:12 AM


      I am amazed! I had an e-mail from Fr. Felenczak last night which clarified things further and provided some great discoveries.

      The Orthodox Church in Morochow has at least these books, which he mentioned that he consulted for me:

      Liber Baptistorum Zawadka Morochowska, 1784-1890 (Births and baptisms)
      Liber Mortuorum Zawadka Morochowska, 1784-1943 (Deaths and funerals)
      Liber Baptistorum Morochow, 1784-1848 (Baptisms)
      Spis of Morochow, late 1800s-1946 (a listing of family group records
      from Zawadka, Morochow, and Mokre)

      In one day, using these books, he traced my lineage from my great-grandfather, born in 1884, back to my 5th great-grandparents, complete with names of siblings! He even found the name and birthdate of my great-grandfather's first wife, whose existence was known, but no name was remembered by our family. I am in shock at how quickly Fr. Felenczak found this and sent it to me. I now know that my great-great-great-great-great-grandparents were Teodor Hrynio and Ewdokia Sowyk, both presumably born ca. 1770, who came from Mokre to Zawadka Morochowska in the late 18th/early 19th century. Although I had hoped, I never possibly dreamed that I would have such ancient information on a family that was so hard to trace, from a village long since destroyed. Immediately I called my nearly 86-year-old grandmother, who has keenly followed my searching for all of these years, and helped transcribe many cemeteries of people not related to her so that we could benefit
      other genealogists. I told her that we now knew about her father's ancestors. She wanted to know immediately the name of his first wife, and she was amazed when I told her the birth and death dates of her grandparents whom she never met, the names of her great-grandparents, etc. I'll bring her a print out of the data when I visit next month. She said that she never thought that she could even know the names of her great-grandparents, let alone the family lineage back 240 years. We also discovered that she is somehow distantly related to a family in New Jersey that her parents used to visit - the Tomasz (Thomas) family. Mrs. Thomas was a Maksym from Zawadka, and we now know that my great-grandfather's first wife was a Maksym, as was his step-grandmother.

      This is indeed very special to have the names of these ancestors who have so long remained hidden. Knowing so much about the history of their village and their culture, now I know the names to put with this history, my own forebears. Vichnaya pamyat'!

      So, to sum it up, we now know that the Birth record of Zawadka Morochowska (1784-1890) and the Death record of Zawadka Morochowska (1784-1943) are at the Orthodox Church in Morochow. The Birth, Marriage, and Death record of Morochow (1791-1845) is at the Przemysl Archive. Another birth record of Morochow (1784-1848, at least) is at the Orthodox Church. They probably have more than this but Fr. Felenczak likely just listed what he consulted for my search. Since Mokre did not have its own church, it is included in the Morochow records. He apparently also has some early marriage records because he gave me marriage dates for some of the couples. The Orthodox Church in Morochow also has a Spis (sort of like a parish directory with dates) covering Morochow, Zawadka, and Mokre from the late 19th century through 1946. The Zagorz USC has (apparently a parish register of) births, marriages, and deaths from Morochow/Mokre from 1914 through 1938, and likely civil
      records after that date. The Komancza USC has records of vital acts registered on the territory of Zawadka Morochowska from 1946 through 1972.

      Fr. Felenczak also sent several photographs of the memorial at the gravesites in Zawadka, and pictures of the services held there last year. Once my head comes out of the clouds today I am going to write him an extensive thank you. My grandmother and I agreed to pool some resources to send a nice donation to the parish as a thank-you. I cannot wait to arrange a visit, meet these fine people and look through the books some more!


      --- In bukowsko_triangle@yahoogroups.com, Marie Hughes <meh58@...> wrote:
      > Yes, congratulations! I'm happy to see your hard work pay off.
      > Marie
      > On May 9, 2011, at 8:50 PM, Philip Semanchuk wrote:
      > >
      > > On May 9, 2011, at 9:10 AM, Justin wrote:
      > >
      > > > Good morning, listmembers,
      > > >
      > > > So far, diligence appears to have paid off!
      > > >
      > > > First, the Zagorz USC got back to me and said that they have a book of birth, marriage, and death records for Morochow/Mokre from 1914 to 1938. I presume this to be the Morochow Greek Catholic parish register. Since Zawadka Morochowska was served from the parish at Morochow, this book likely includes the Zawadka records from this time frame as well.
      > > >
      > > > Second, I had a very nice e-mail response from Fr. Julian Felenczak, the pastor of the Meeting of the Lord Orthodox Church in Morochow. This Orthodox Church is in the building once used by the Greek Catholic Church of Morochow. Fr. Felenczak wrote that his parish has a book of records of the old Morochow Church, which, I suspect, covers part or all of the "missing" time period, and he would be glad to search for my relatives there. He also noted that next Sunday, the Orthodox Church will organize a procession to the cemetery at Zawadka to pray for the repose of the faithful buried there and especially all those who were killed in 1946.
      > > >
      > > > Third, I was put in contact with a gentleman in California who was born in nearby Wysoczany in 1928. He has memories of Zawadka from his youth, and I look forward to conversing further with him about the subject.
      > >
      > > Congrats, Justin. It's nice to see persistence rewarded.
      > >
      > > If you get/compile a list of info about records for Morochow/Mokre, Zawadka Morochowska, etc. and you'd like to be sure others can get to it, I'd be happy to make a home for it on semanchuk.com.
      > >
      > > bye
      > > Philip
      > >
      > >
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