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14574Re: [bukowsko_triangle] DNA Project update

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  • Susan Celotto
    Aug 17, 2014
      I'm still trying to get cousins to take the test and no one seems interested although the seem to want the information i have found from my (and your) research.  

      On Sunday, August 17, 2014, David Pacek davepacek@... [bukowsko_triangle] <bukowsko_triangle@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      > ...and I just heard from my remaining two Polish first cousins, and they also want to do the testing and join the project. That means we're going to have autosomal tests from three separate sibling pairs, sharing the same Polish autosomal DNA inherited from the common great grandparents, but three separate lines of autosomal DNA inherited from the three mothers. It's a going to be a fantastic analysis tool. I'm glad I've finished the list of Polish cousins, though. My free-test budget didn't anticipate a 100% response rate. :)
      > Frank/Susan/Penny... you're most likely going to see five new significant Family Finder matches show up in a few weeks.
      > Dave
      > davepacek@... [bukowsko_triangle] wrote:
      >> We've added several new members to the Sanok County DNA project, 
      >> bringing the current total to 19. 12 of those 19 have completed 
      >> autosomal DNA testing, which is the focus of the project, and there are 
      >> 5-6 more autosomal tests in progress for either existing, or soon to be 
      >> added members.
      >> We're seeing some web site glitches when people who have already ordered 
      >> a kit try to enroll in the project. In some cases people who have 
      >> already purchased an FTDNA kit are receiving a prompt to purchase 
      >> another when they try to join. If this is happening to anyone, I suggest 
      >> trying this workaround: 
      >> 1. Log into your FTDNA account.
      >> 2. Go to the top of the page, and select 'Join' from the 'My Projects' 
      >> drop down menu.
      >> 3. Near the top you'll see a 'Search by surname' field. Enter the name 
      >> Pacek.
      >> 4. Under Matching Projects, select Sanok County Poland 
      >> 5. Click the 'Join' button
      >> (Jean-Claude, can you give this a try? I still don't see you as added to 
      >> the project, although I approved the join request you sent weeks ago)
      >> For this kind of testing, by the way, multiple kits from the same family 
      >> lines really help the analysis process. This somehow really didn't show 
      >> up on my mental radar, until a week ago, when I realized that my sister 
      >> and my first cousins would also have 50% of their autosomal DNA directly 
      >> from our BT area Polish families, and because it's passed down randomly, 
      >> it's a DIFFERENT 50% than mine. In addition, because 50% of the cousins' 
      >> autosomal DNA (the share from their mother) is totally unrelated to 
      >> mine, any matching DNA segments we have must be from our Polish line. 
      >> That's some powerful analysis information, both for what it includes and 
      >> what it excludes. A couple of emails later, plus my offer to pay for the 
      >> tests, and I had three more family members signed up with test kits ordered.
      >> Speaking of paying for the kits, we have $200 in the project general 
      >> fund right now, and more potentially to come. I'd love to hear 
      >> suggestions on how that might best be used. Any member can add to that 
      >> fund, and specify whatever restrictions they wish on how the money must 
      >> be spent. The DNA holy grail would be to get test results from the 
      >> oldest generation of BT family members still living in the area, but 
      >> there are both technical and social challenges with that.
      >> Also, I'd appreciate suggestions on places to promote the project, I've 
      >> posted in the Polish Genealogy entries on Facebook, as well as on 
      >> Ancestry.com.
      >> Dave P
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