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14550Bonczak Lisowska Marriage

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  • Debbie Greenlee
    Jul 29, 2014
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      I just uploaded a photo to the BT list's FILES section. I was told
      that the wedding (photo) took place in Bukowsko in 1954 but I don't
      think the photo was taken in Bukowsko. The church in the background
      does not match the Bukowsko church of today. The photo also shows
      large trees in the front and I don't think large trees could fit on
      this part of the church yard.

      If anyone can recognize the church from the little that shows in the
      photograph, I'd appreciate hearing about it.

      I have another photo of just the couple near the church door if
      anyone's interested.

      File : /Bonczak Lisowska Bukowsko 1954.jpg
      Uploaded by : polskamom <daveg@...>
      Description : Bukowsko 1954 Marriage: Stefan Bonczak & Feliksa Anna Mazur.

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