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14542Re: Need Help Reading a Grave Stone

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  • thephillyfly
    Jul 23, 2014
      Hi Bob,

      Here's my take on it.  The first small line is just about entirely unreadable, but it most likely says something like "Тут спочивае (Here lies/rests)".


      Рож?. (Born in)
      ЗАВАДЧА 112 (ZAVADCHA 112)*
      Рож?. (Born 1870)

      Below this the words are too tough for me to see, other than "1903".  The line I marked with an asterisk has a spelling error -- it should be "ЗАВАДКА".  I wasn't sure at first, but the gravestone shown on findagrave.com for Maria Vansacs clearly says "ROD.IZ SPISA -- ZAVATKA", which I think is pretty good corroborating evidence.  I'd guess this refers to a village named Zavadka in the Spiš region of Slovakia.  Not sure what the 112 on the gravestone refers to, though.

      - Rob

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