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14540Need Help Reading a Grave Stone

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  • Bob Dratch
    Jul 23, 2014
      I was wondering if someone in the BT Group would be able to decipher the inscription on a grave stone for me.  A friend of mine's grandmother is buried in a cemetery in PA and the stone is inscribed in a language we can't figure out.  Any help that someone can provide would greatly be appreciate.  Below is the information my friend sent me in an email.  His Grandmother was Slovak but I thought with all the experience and knowledge of the folks in the group someone might be able to decipher it.  Thanks in advance for any help!

      Bob Dratch

      "My great Grandmother's name was Katherine Vansacs.....born in 1870 died 1905....pronounced Vansach ...that's how it was recorded in the cemetery record....the lady (cemetery office ) said she thought the letter B becomes a letter V and a P is usually an R"
      I uploaded the pictures to the BT file folder:  See links below.

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