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13901Re: [bukowsko_triangle] DNA was phonebook for Sanok

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  • Debbie Greenlee
    Feb 25, 2014
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      Thanks for the information. I was just curious as to how far all three
      of you had gone on the DNA research. A few of us on the BT list have
      also done YDNA and MtDNA testing.

      I know Maciej Orzechowski. I met him in 2012.

      Just FYI. Once he has exhausted the Przemyśl Diocesan Archives he will
      probably go back to the individual parishes for more "recent" records
      unless he's already done that.

      Though we don't have Zarszyn, Długie or Sanok records, you might want
      to search through the records that we have translated/indexed here:

      I recall seeing the Węgrzyn surname somewhere in the Bukowsko and/or
      Nowotaniec records. Make sure to check the Bukowsko Spis Parafialny
      indexes as well.

      good luck

      Susan Celotto wrote:
      > Hi Debbie,
      > You are correct that all three have Wegrzyn (and Twardy) in their
      > family tree, however, Paul's DNA only matched Dave Pachek. Dave matched
      > both Paul and Frank. Dave looked at how the DNA segments match for each
      > of them and he strongly believes that he (Dave) and Paul probably match
      > on the Twardy line.
      > It is possible for two people to have the surname in their family
      > tree but either have it so far back that the "family finder" test can't
      > get enough to show the connection or the connection happened through
      > marriage and not blood at some point in time.
      > I do not know what level of testing that Dave and Frank did, but
      > their matches showed up in the family finder test. Paul did the full
      > genome testing at the highest level. He doesn't have any matches at all
      > on his direct male line (Y-DNA) or his direct maternal line (MtDNA).
      > Twardy & Wegrzyn are not through either of Paul's direct line. Here is
      > Paul's line:
      > - *_Paul Celotto_*
      > *__*
      > - *_Albert Celotto_* (& Elsie Wason)
      > - Raffaele Celotto & *_Albina Twardy_*
      > *__*
      > - *_Joseph Twardy_* & *_Francesca Wezegryn_*
      > Besides knowing that Albina was born in Poland (and knowing her
      > parent's names), we do not know what town she was born in (only
      > somewhere in Galicia in 1888) and we have no information about lateral
      > lines at this point. This is why we have hired a researcher. I have
      > not looked at either Dave or Frank's family tree or how extensive they
      > have looked into their lateral lines because we do not have any
      > information to compare with them yet.
      > The researcher we are using is Maciej Orchinowski and he will be
      > starting in the Prymzyl Catholic Archives (spelling isn't right on the
      > researcher name but I can look it up if you need it).
      > Susan
      > On Tue, Feb 25, 2014 at 11:02 AM, Debbie Greenlee <daveg@...
      > <mailto:daveg@...>> wrote:
      > __
      > Susan,
      > Something you wrote indicates that a DNA match did not appear between
      > Paul, your husband, Dave Pacek and Frank Wegerson yet all three have
      > W�grzyn in their ancestry. Is this correct?
      > Did all three do the same level of testing?
      > Do all three have the surname W�grzyn in a direct male ancestral line?
      > Have all three done the "paperwork" to the same depth and included the
      > same lateral lines?
      > Is Twardy a direct male ancestral line for Paul, Dave and Frank?
      > (I see that Paul's Twardy line goes through a female line)
      > Who is the researcher you are using and exactly where are they doing
      > the research?
      > Thanks
      > Debbie
      > Susan Celotto wrote:
      > >
      > > Thanks Penny! I have been in contact with both Dave and Frank. My
      > > husband, Paul, is the one with the Polish ancestry and I am
      > working to
      > > trace his tree. He took the Family Tree DNA test and matched Dave
      > Pacek
      > > but not Frank Wegerson. Dave took a look at all three matches
      > > (his, Frank's, and Paul's) and thinks that he (Dave) and Paul
      > must be
      > > related on the Twardy side and not the Wegrzyn side. Have you
      > taken the
      > > Family Tree DNA test yet? If so, I will look to see if you and my
      > > husband match.
      > >
      > > My husband's grandmother was Albina Twardy and her parents were
      > Joseph
      > > Twardy and Franciszka Wegrzynowska. She died at the age of 35 (in
      > 1905)
      > > and her death certificate lists her parents as Matthew
      > Wegrzynowski and
      > > Catherine Pitchloga -- so, our two Franciszka Wegrzyn's are not
      > the same
      > > person but I'm sure that they are related somehow since the town
      > is so
      > > small.
      > >
      > > I have a researcher in Poland who will be starting work in the
      > Catholic
      > > Archives next week. I will post whatever he finds so that others can
      > > take a look to see if they recognize any of their own family members.
      > >
      > > Susan
      > >
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