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13886Re: [bukowsko_triangle] Phonebook for Sanok, help contacting relatives

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  • Susan Celotto
    Feb 24, 2014
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      I have hired a researcher inh Poland to check for records for my husband's family from Sanok, Dlugie, and Sarzyn.  The two names you mentioned are not in my known family, but since these twowns are so small, it is a possibility that our researcher will find that your family surnames show us connected to ours in some way.  Our family names are Twardy, Wegrzyn, Pitchloga, Rycz, and Bielenyour family may show up with my family.  Please give me a list of your known Polish surnames.  If anything shows up in our research, I will be sure to let you know.
      Susan Celotto

      On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 2:30 PM, John Bridges <jdblls656@...> wrote:

      Mary Jane,

      I don't read all the mail in the yahoo group, but I perk up when I see reference to Sanok.  That is the village/town listed on my grandmother's marriage certificate and my mother's birth certificate.  I haven't made any real attempt at Polish research.
      My grandmother was in New Britain CT with an older brother and younger sister.  Interestingly, she gave her name as Eva Lasky on the two previous certificates.  However, she died in 1976 with her name a Wancio.  This was the name used by her younger sister. 

      Could I impose?  If you encounter either of these names in your travels I would appreciate any contacts you may find.
      At any rate, have a wonderful trip.


      On Wednesday, February 19, 2014 2:17 PM, MJ Mell <mjmell@...> wrote:
      You are a godsend!  Thank you!
      Sent: Wednesday, February 19, 2014 11:15 AM
      Subject: Re: [bukowsko_triangle] Phonebook for Sanok, help contacting relatives
      Mary Jane,

      Remember, phone numbers are only good for land lines. Just like in the
      U.S. some people have done away with their land lines opting for cell
      phones only. You can't get those numbers from a phone book.

      I will contact you privately with the phone numbers for Ryszard Lenio
      in Sanok. I also found a Marta Lenio. These are the only Lenios
      listed in the Sanok (Krosno) telephone book.

      FYI Computers in homes in Poland are WiFi.


      mjmell@... wrote:
      > Hi there,
      > Hoping that someone on the list can help! We are headed to Poland in
      > less than one week, and we can’t get in contact with our LENIO relatives
      > in the BT area. (Sanok, & Nadolany) We are desperately trying to
      > arrange for a visit the weekend of March 1 & 2. We have emailed them
      > recently in Polish and English, but have not gotten a response. There
      > is a possibility their computer is not working... My Aunt emailed them a
      > month ago and they did respond favorably, we just didn’t set up any
      > details. Now that we have our dates set, we cannot contact them! My
      > Aunt did visit these three families 10 years ago and got a very warm
      > welcome.
      > On Monday, February 3, 2014 3:46 PM, Ryszard wrote:
      > Dear Theresa with Family!!!
      > Thanks Yours message ;) I'm sorry I did not write back but I have
      > broken computer.
      > Yours message I read tonight (3.02.2014 r.). Please if You can write
      > me more details(when,on how many days) about they visit to Sanok,
      > because we would like to meet Yours niece.
      > I will try to give you information about our family.
      > Warm regards Ryszard, Beata, Kornelia, Przemysław and Laura ;)
      > Does anyone have access to a phonebook for Sanok? I found the ones on
      > Debbie Greenlee’s site for the smaller towns nearby, such as Nowotaniec
      > and Nadolany, but not for Sanok.
      > We are trying to contact these families:
      > Ryszard & Beata LENIO in Sanok, (They have a daughter Kornelia, who is
      > likely married now with little children)
      > Ryszard’s two sisters (maiden name LENIO) live in Nadolany, But I do
      > not know their married names!
      > their first names are Helena (married to Marion) –daughter Margaret
      > and Irena, who has a daughter Sabrina (who is married to a Marcin, we
      > don’t know his last name either!!!)
      > I found a Janusz LENIO in the phonebook for Nadolany, I suppose we are
      > related but I’m not sure. If I spoke Polish I’d call her right up!!!
      > Any ideas? Thanks for any help!
      > -Mary Jane

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