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13430Re: [bukowsko_triangle] a short footage of Bukowsko, recorded yesterday

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  • Debbie Greenlee
    Sep 12, 2013
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      While a lot of people in Bukowsko now have cars, that is recent. You
      may have noticed at least one person in the video was on a bike and a
      couple of others were walking. This was the common way to get around
      until the car became so popular. Buses were/are a way of life in
      Poland, unlike Texas which doesn't have public transportation!
      Who's behind the times?


      Madeline wrote:
      > Thank you so much for the recorded pictures of Bukowsko. I have to say
      > it reminds me of the town that I grew up in: Forest City, Pa. At least
      > Bukowsko had a bus in it. We didn't have a bus and unless you owned a
      > car you didn't get out of it. My dad like most people from Pa worked
      > in the mines until they closed and then he worked in New Jersey. My mom
      > and I lived in Pa until my dad decided to move us to New Jersey (I was
      > 15 and very happy to get out of Pa) and I am until this day glad to be
      > out of there.
      > My husband and I are planning on going to Poland next year. I want to
      > see where my family came from.
      > Madeline
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      > Subject: [bukowsko_triangle] a short footage of Bukowsko, recorded yesterday
      > Hi everyone. While doing research in Bukowsko area, I thought it would
      > be nice to record what Bukowsko looks like at the very moment. Taken
      > onboard my very own car, the quality is not full HD but still... And
      > here goes the link https://www.dropbox.com/s/d20ysvs6eodg3in/Bukowsko.mp4
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