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  • Debbie Greenlee
    Feb 6, 2013
      The current issue of "Kwartalnik" can be found on the Bukowsko gmina
      web site.
      Scroll down and click on Kwartalnik on the right. Then click on
      Numer 4(32)/2012

      Page 3 There was a "most beautiful garden" competition in Sanok
      powiat. Three families were mentioned:
      Elżbieta and Bogusław Bukrej of Nowotaniec, Maria and Krzysztof
      Frąckowiak of Nadolany and Łucja and Józef Wójtowicz of Nadolany.
      The pictures are pretty impressive. (Note to self: add these places to
      next itinerary.)

      Page 5 has a photo of the secondary school principal, Janusz Sitarz
      standing with teachers and children from the Pobiedno kindergarten
      classes. The children took part in a singing competition and none of
      them had stage fright!

      Page 6 has a history of Nowotaniec,

      Page 7 has a 1960 photo of the firemen of Nowotaniec.

      I'm pretty sure I spotted Robert Koczera on page 8. Robert has been
      involved with creating an "educational path" in the gmina.

      HPI which among other things gave more than 300 bee colonies to 20
      beekeepers in Bukowsko. In gratitude the beekeepers along with HPI is
      paying it forward with a project, "A piece of honey, a glass of milk"
      for the secondary school in Nowotaniec.

      Page 9 has an article about shale gas exploration in Poland. Perhaps
      the government should talk to residents in Pennsylvania and Texas
      about this before making a final decision to frack.

      Page 10 mentions a parking garage being built in Sanok which will hold
      100 cars.
      There is also a warning against opening doors to strangers trying to
      sell satellite dishes and the like; especially to the elderly.

      The "new" rynek (location of color fountain) now has 79 stalls for
      "peddlers." I can't find a web cam for Sanok that will load. But I did
      see snow. I was hoping to see what all these little stands look like.
      Rebuilding the square (rynek) cost 3 million złoty.

      Page 12 has the completion of "Memories of Home" by Władysława Mendruń
      Kozimor. This part of her story starts in 1954 when she married. You
      can copy and paste the article into Google Translate and get an _idea_
      of what she wrote. A family picture is included. Everyone should look
      at it to see if anyone looks familiar or reminds you of someone in
      your own family.

      There's lots more including an obituary.
      The back cover of this issue has a photograph of the army in Bukowsko
      in 1930.

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